Woman Crush Wednesday: Rachel Hollis

Yesterday my book I preordered on Amazon arrived! Girl, Stop Apologizing. It couldn’t have come at a better time because that’s exactly how I’m living my life – UNAPOLOGETICALLY.

Especially when it comes to relationships. As of late I had to cut out a member of my family out of my life for being toxic. Also, some friends went in that mix too, which really they weren’t true friends.

But today, I just want to admire this woman, Rachel Hollis, who is my exact same age and she’s my mentor (even if she doesn’t know it). Y’all have to get your hands on her new book because I know this is going to be pure dynamite and it’s a great follow up to her previous book, Girl Wash Your Face.

She has this daily morning show she live streams on Facebook and Instagram with her husband (who by the way, is coming out with his own book geared towards men with a similar concept as Rachel’s) and I watch it every day, or at least as much as I can keep up with. I thought she was going to stop live streaming after the Last 90 days Challenge, but she’s still showing up and being a ray of sunshine every morning for her people.

If it wasn’t for her being who she is authentically, I would seriously be lost. She’s a huge part of why I decided to take my fitness routine seriously and a part of my life. Same thing with eating healthier and to date I have lost 8 pounds since last month, woot! As well as working out and even doing a race one month from today.

I just feel thankful that finally I found gold on social media. This woman is pure gold. I have never felt so motivated and truly wanting to thrive just by seeing someone on social media, but there she is; Constantly pouring her truth, her hard work, her goals and letting us know day in and day out that we too can make it, we can make our dreams come true!!!

I watched her documentary on Amazon Prime Video, which if you haven’t, you gotta! It’s called Made For More and it was amazing. I cried during and at the end because I was in awe. Of course I’m bummed that she’s coming to Dallas in July and I couldn’t get my eggs in one basket to pull it off, but next year I will. Which also made me realize I have never been to a personal development conference, have y’all?

Okay and I am going to admit that she was also my inspiration for wanting to go lighter with my hair. Sorry, not sorry. Someone last week tried to make fun of me for going blonde and it was a guy, weirdo. Haters gonna hate.

Rachel has taught me a lot these past few months since I found her. But what she taught me that I value above all is not caring about people’s opinions about me. It’s such a relief to really own my truth and not waiver in the face of people’s judgments and nasty opinions. Who cares!!! Not me.

Only you know what you go through and people don’t know the whole story and make assumptions on what they do know, which is really nada! What I also don’t like is when you confide something in people and they turn around and use that as a weapon against you. Immediately cut them out of your life! Life is hard enough than to have people in your ear giving rude opinions AND throwing your things you confided in your face. Rude.

I chug along as Rachel does, living life on my own terms, not apologizing and I can’t wait to read this book! Book review to come!

Before I go, I want to just share Rachel’s funny/truth bomb sayings she says: Don’t be dumb. Blessed assurance. Really though? Hope is not a strategy. You were made for more.

If you don’t have a mentor, Rach is a great mentor to start with! Her hubby is also becoming another mentor for me. Love them both!

Who is your mentor these days? Are you a Rachel fan too? Let me know in the comments below!