Why October is My Favorite Month

I’ve been meaning to post about why I love October, but I’ve been slacking so no more excuses! I have two huge events happening this month and that’s my birthday and my blog’s first birthday! I’m not even sure how I’m going to celebrate but it’s going to be an amazing birthday week!

Fall weather
There’s nothing I love more than stepping outside where the air is crisp, cool temperatures and any excuse to start throwing on scarves and booties to your outfit. This week I’ve already worn my boots twice and next will be the scarves.

Everything turns into pumpkin
Pumpkin flavor everything you can imagine; candles, beer, coffee, decor, bread. I’m burning a Pumpkin Marshmallow Scentsy as I’m blogging this.

State Fair of Texas
I seriously need to go this year and there’s only two more weeks left. Most likely I’ll end up going at the very last minute because that’s how I roll. I’m hoping to go with Mr. Right Now because fairs are so fun when you’re with your boo.

My TV shows are back
The Walking Dead. American Horror Story. Being Mary Jane. If you have not watched these, get your life together and by that I mean, Netflix.

I’m not sure I’ll dress up this year, but I’m sure I’ll watch some scary movies with the hopes of not getting nightmares afterwards. Oh and definitely diggin’ into some candy. What are y’all doing for Halloween?

This October is also special because…
My baby sister is turning the big 1-8! I can’t believe she will be officially an adult. It felt like yesterday when I was holding her in my arms and playing with her chubby cheeks.

One of my friends is getting married and I’m going to her wedding with Mr. Right Now. I seem to be a magnet that makes me catch the bouquet at weddings so we’ll see if this next one will be the real deal. Third time’s a charm right?

Something’s gotta give because if I see one more guy I dated, get engaged, I’m gonna throw a fit a la Regina George style.


What are your favorite things in October? Have a fabulous weekend loves! Cheers!!