Now It’s Me Time

Transitioning from a single woman to a relationship has been pretty tough for me. They say change is good, but when you’re accustomed to your single lifestyle for as long as I have, well the change can be frightening.

As I blog this, Nestor is on his way to New York with his friends and although I wished I could’ve gone, I’ll just have to wait for the next time. He’s going to see the Cowboys play the Giants and I’m sure that will be an incredible game.

At the same time, I’m glad because I get to have some ME time and I always look forward to that. For one, I’m going to a Christmas party I have gone to every year for the past 5 years and I wish he would’ve gone with me so I can show him off as my boyfriend, but going solo is sure to be fun.

Then I’m going to keep binge watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix accompanied with hot cocoa and sitting by the fireplace. I’m sure I’ll watch Elf, which is one of my favorite Christmas movies I don’t ever get tired of.

Also need to swing by my storage to get my winter electric blanket. It’s funny how you almost forget the things you have until you find them in storage or cleaning around your place.

Back to the transitioning though, I guess the change was scary because I had a lot of fears that surfaced and I wasn’t sure how to handle them. I read this one article that talked about 4 Common Relationship Fears. What I mainly took from it is that you have to be conscious that you’ll have to think of someone else and not just yourself anymore. It can be stressful too but something worth having doesn’t come easy. You have to work it out.

How do y’all like to spend your ME time?