How I Did Not Accept No For An Answer… You Shouldn’t Either

Yesterday truly felt like a Monday and I’m glad it’s Wednesday because that means the weekend is just around the corner. I had a wonderful weekend surrounded by family and reconnecting with old friends, it was nice.

Today I want to talk about not taking no for an answer. Earlier this month, I bought a car. Granted, it’s preowned, it’s in great condition minus a minor detail. A crack on the windshield. This isn’t the first time I’ve purchased preowned, but each time I have and something is wrong with the car, I’ve had the dealer fix it without me paying a dime. They should have taken care of it before they handed me the keys right? Wrong.

When I test drove the car, it was raining and I didn’t see the crack on the windshield. This process took two days so I had to come back the next day. The day I came back to finalize everything, I didn’t see the car prior to signing the paperwork. Once I walked out, got the keys from the sales guy, I noticed the crack on the windshield right between my eyes! I pointed it out to him and he said he’ll talk to his manager.

The following week I flew out to Ohio so I was out for a week. Once I came back, I asked the dealer what they were going to do to fix this. They sent out a guy to my job so that he can patch the window. The guy said the windshield had already been fixed, meaning it was previously patched and I need to replace the whole thing. I went to the dealer after work and they tried to tell me that I have to pay for it myself. I told them that does not make any sense, this was not my fault. I told the assistant manager to go outside with me so that he can see how bad this is.

I opened the door and asked him to sit in the driver’s seat so he can see the crack right in the field of vision. He kept saying that his manager wasn’t going to fix it and he apologizes. I didn’t take NO for an answer. I told him to talk it over with his manager and get back to me the next day, which he said he will.

Next day he said they’d be willing to pay half. I told him no again. He was shocked and asked me, “Didn’t you say you’d be willing to pay half?”. To which I said, “I know I said that, but I went home and thought about it some more and I feel you guys are doing me wrong. Your salesperson failed to inspect the vehicle prior to delivery. I used to sell cars so I know the process of what you guys have to do before you deliver a car to a customer and he didn’t even catch it, I had to point it out to him”. So long story short, which is already long, but I told them either they fix this or I’m returning the car altogether.

Of course they didn’t want that and said they will fix it. I won. This other guy came out last week and replaced it in the parking lot while I was at work. My mom was even proud of me for getting them to pay for it and sticking up for myself. I have a very dominant personality so that always helps. I get shit done, point blank period. I’m proud of myself too because they think that just because I’m a woman that I will just go away, but no. That’s so dangerous and in Texas, the inspection next year would not have passed because you can’t have cracked windshields.

So that’s my big takeaway from this whole ordeal. I hope that if any of you are going through a hard time and people try to pull one over on you, you keep telling them no until you get a yes. Pull a Bella on them. It’s possible, I did it and saved myself $325. Winning!