My Water Is Boiling

Up until yesterday I heard the words Boil Water Notice and I was like “huh, what?”. I had no idea this was even a thing. Austin is under a Boil Water Notice watch until further notice. We have had so much rain (all month long in September and most of October) that our water is getting flooded and contaminated where it’s not drinkable. I mean, don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind boiling my water so I can drink it, but when I have to boil water to brush my teeth, boil water to make ice, boil water until further notice? Ugh. This definitely put a kink in my plans for real. It just slows down my routine and I have to come to work with my coffee ready, my water bottles full and it’s a hassle. However, I am still grateful that it’s not indefinitely. But someone please tell me it won’t be for long.

Definitely slacked off on buying my La Croix water this weekend and now I’m definitely regretting that choice, err lack thereof. And let’s be honest, but I wasn’t about to rush to the nearest HEB to grab a case of water bottles because I can boil my water! and save the environment at the same damn time.

This is my birthday week and everything has to go peachy keen. My sister ended up coming much later and we still got to spend some quality time. She brought her dog and it was interesting seeing her interact with my dog.

The scarf above I actually got for such a bargain at Target for a whopping $7. I found it at the dollar bin and thought it was $3 since some of the items there are around that price. But $7 is not too shabby especially when I had it on my wishlist and it was anywhere from $19 to $29. Of course I got my Halloween nails done and I tried the matte look and I love it. On the accent nail I have the glossy black with orange glitter on the tip. Love them!

The plan on working out is to actually use my apartment’s gym or my work gym. I admit I absolutely did not work out this weekend like I had planned, but that’s ok. I just need to make the time after work and get going. I hope their wifi works. Don’t you hate it when you’re needing to connect to the wifi at the gym and it’s gone off the deep end? No bueno.

It’s times like these that I wish I had a cute teapot to boil in style, but I digress. Have you had to go through an emergency like this before? I’m new to this and we can blame climate change. It’s really kicking us hard these last few years.