Top Netflix Movies You Gotta See // 001

Sometimes I get worn out from watching tv shows and when I switch it up by watching a movie, which then turns into a great movie, it makes it all worthwhile. I figured I should write a series (this being the first) on these when I see any latest movies, what do y’all think? In case you missed my Top 10 Romantic Movies, it’s at the top of the page, or click on the link.


Here are my latest top 5 Netflix movies that you really gotta see.

The Impossible – This movie is based on a true story of a family who experienced the tsunami back in 2004 in Thailand. The main actors are Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor. I hadn’t seen the trailer before watching it. The movie started off a little slow so I wasn’t sure if it was going to pick up and then it did. Oh my goodness, get ready to have a box of tissues handy. Also, make sure you’re not eating anything because it is intense! The message behind it though blew me away. Seeing the humanity in people to help each other regardless of race, social status – it was so moving.

Don’t Blame The Kid – If you like Karla Souza from How To Get Away With Murder, you’re gonna love her even more after this movie. This one intrigued me because she only speaks Spanish, which is different from her show. If you can get by with subtitles, then definitely give this one a chance. It has an interesting turn of events and will keep you guessing. You can’t help but laugh through it all because life can be crazy.

Woman in Gold – Based on a true story, it’s about a Jewish woman who ran away from the Nazis in her home country of Austria to the US. Right before that, the Nazis stole her family’s belongings, mainly their family paintings. She seeks help from a family friend lawyer (Ryan Reynolds) who is a descendant of his Jewish family in Austria. Together they fight for her rights to take back her family’s paintings. In particular a self portrait painting of her aunt called, Woman in Gold, which is well renowned in Austrian culture.

Imperial Dreams – This movie was a little hard to watch because it’s set in the hood, drugs, violence and chaos with this young man trying to provide for his son. Yet he has dreams of becoming a writer and staying out of trouble. He encounters many challenges and you can’t help but root for him.

Other People – I just loved this movie for many reasons. One, Molly Shannon, is great. This was a more serious role she played, but she’s still funny. It’s about a young man who moves back home to take care of his ill mother. He got out of a long term relationship with his gay partner. All the while, trying to make the most of the situation knowing he’s losing his mom. If you’re sentimental and emotional like me, this movie will make you cry. It had a few moments where I was like aww *cue tears*.

Have y’all seen these? If there are any movies you suggest, let me know in the comments below.

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