Thoughts on Thursday

It’s been awhile since the last time I posted random thoughts so today it felt like a shoo-in. We finally got a cold front yesterday so now I can happily wear my sweaters without breaking into a sweat. The struggle was indeed real. Today though, I’m wearing a fall dress with a fall cardigan.

I was watching This Is Us last night and it was so good! Didn’t realize how much I’ve missed this show. Also, saw the trailer for Dumbo and I almost died. Dumbo was one of my favorite stories as a kid so I’m so excited Tim Burton made this movie.

My custom sofa I ordered a month ago is still not here yet, womp womp. Just hoping that this weekend will be the day the delivery guy will show up at my doorstep with my couch down the hall. I still need to get a coffee table and I want to upgrade my TV stand. And why are barstools so damn expensive? I’m thinking I’ll shop at a garage sale and call it a day. I don’t feel like spending $300 on 3 barstools. I also need a dining set, but I’m thinking I’ll make the dining room into my computer room.

I got the new iPhone Xs Max and I love it! However, my phone case I ordered online is not the color design I expected. That’s one of the downsides of shopping online. I thought the flower was black and now that I’m looking at it on my Macbook Air, it’s indeed blue. Ugh! It’s growing on me though.

I’m thinking this will be the last time I upgrade my iPhone. I much rather save money next time instead of keep paying the lease charge every month. After awhile that stuff adds up.

I’m such a happy person that sometimes I forget there are miserable people out there. Case in point, this woman at Ross gave me the side eye because I didn’t realize I was in her way while she was walking with her son. I looked at her and she just had a straight face. I told her, “You know, you could say excuse me”. She said, “I could, but you saw me coming”. I told her, “No I didn’t”. She said, “Whatever”, as she’s walking away. Her logic doesn’t make any sense. So because you think someone cut you off, you’re not going to say excuse me? She must be having walking road rage. For her to do that in front of her son, I was shocked. Honestly, this is not the first time a mother confronts me while she has her child with her. I just don’t get it, but I’ll say a prayer for her. God help her! Help her find her joy again.

I don’t like any type of confrontation, but if a situation presents itself then I will confront someone. In the meantime, I like to avoid it like nobody’s business. I’ll just blog about it, haha.

One of my new friends here in Austin started her own lifestyle blog!!! I am so excited for her. She wrote her first post yesterday so go and check it out – Vanessa Lately. I know I may have influenced her a little bit, but she took that step to put herself out there and I feel so proud. Make her feel welcome and leave her some love.

What are you thinking this fine Thursday?