The Rainbow After The Storm

Thank you, my loves! I wanted to write up a whole post to thank you for the outpouring of love and support I received. These news hit me like a train and it broke me into a million pieces. I even had to ask God, why? Why is this happening?

I wrote this when I couldn’t sleep. I only got 4 hours of sleep the night I found out.

But thank God, because God will not leave you in the dark. So he sent one of his messengers, who is one of my subscribers, to shed some light. He is a fellow lightworker who gave me some wisdom. He explained that this is what happens when people don’t listen to their intuition, their soul. So God puts a karmic partner in their life so that they can learn a lesson.

In essence, I am protected from my counterpart because he is not my vibrational match… yet. So if and until he learns his lessons, God will not allow him to come back towards me.

I also feel my divine masculine is still living in his shadows. One thing he kept doing when we initially ended things was trying to make me jealous. I hated it because he wouldn’t want me to do that to him, yet he was doing it to me. I’ll be honest though, I did try to make him jealous back then. One time, he finally made eye contact with me while I was standing next to the guy and he gave me a stern look as if to say, “What are you doing over there?”.

That look scared me because I felt like I got in trouble, lol. OMG, the intensity. I was putting bad karma out there and I don’t ever want to do that again.

This recent impulsive act he did felt like another attempt to try to make me jealous. It’s like he loves chaos and drama. But I’m over that life and I will not be one of those women who acts a fool over something that God has full control over.

I’ve been reading my Bible, praying and I feel so much lighter. I gave all my heavy burdens to God and I feel better. I trust Him that He knows best. I haven’t cried in a few days since I made the decision to let go and it’s so surreal.

It takes time to heal and the feeling I’ve been praying for God to take away from me, is in fact, jealousy. I pulled my cards the other day and the “envious” card kept jumping out at me. I even saw it in my third eye before it came out! It is normal to feel this feeling, but I really don’t want it. It needs to be healed and I’m working on it like no tomorrow.

I have everything I need at this moment and I do not lack anything. I am thankful that this tower came crashing down because it’s indication that this was divine intervention to let the old ways die in order for the new life to begin.

If you’re also going through something similar, please know you are not alone. Rely on Spirit, God, the Universe to reveal to you what you’re supposed to know in order to keep moving forward. Ask and you shall receive. Rally your Spirit team, your soul tribe to be there for you. Without my community, I would be lost and distraught.

There’s always the rainbow after the storm. I feel like I have a rainbow of light in my life that I am fixed on. What you focus on, magnifies. I want to focus on the good, so more of it can be in my life. I hope the same for you.