Thank you, Next

One of the down sides of blogging is that once you write about something, life happens and it almost makes you feel like your previous post doesn’t even apply to the present. Anyone else feel like that? A part of me wants to delete my previous post where I talked about twin flames, but it doesn’t change the fact that it was real for me. Even if I received an obvious sign to trust, I need to finally listen and let it go.

I’ve always been a believer of communication. When there is no communication, a lot of assumptions can take place and leaves you feeling like you’re in a fog like state; you can’t see clearly. January came and went and I feel like recently I got the clarity, the communication that I needed to finally see things for what they really are.

So this month in February, my focus is going to be towards my goals, my dreams and just really following my path because I’m no longer at a crossroads. I’m thankful for receiving the truth when I needed it because now I can break free and move forward.

This month being the second month of 2020, I feel like a lot of us, not just me, are starting over. January was really like a trial month. It’s never too late to begin a fresh start. Take this time to set new goals because it is a new month and a new opportunity to really set your intentions and follow your intuition.

I’m excited because I know this year I will reach new heights in whatever I set my mind to, meet new people and experience new things. I already lost close to 10 lbs and working on being healthy is my priority. I gave notice to my apartments because I’m moving closer to work. So looking forward to having a new place with a yard and make things right for myself because I deserve it.

All that to say, is that I’m thankful for this person who was finally honest with me (even though they didn’t have to), but I’m glad that I see where we stand. Now I can really let him go, move on and eventually find someone who cherishes me and cares for me. Someone who truly deserves me. Even though the truth was ugly and seeing his true colors was hard to take, I think it finally had to happen this way in order for me to move on.

Happy February! What are you thankful for?