Thank You 2018, Next

Hey y’all! As you know, today is the last day of 2018. I’m back home in Dallas with family (terribly missing my bed and apartment). I will be heading back tomorrow though to Austin. I know I’ve been quiet these last few weeks, but you can just imagine how the holidays can be hectic and sometimes you need to unplug. But before the year is over I wanted to reflect back on how my 2018 went.

This year for me was rough the first half, but by June it started getting better once I moved into my own apartment. Starting over on my own sans a relationship and sans a roommate was great because I did what was best for me. And I have absolutely no regrets. I do miss my roommate though, especially since he no longer lives in ATX. I also miss paying cheap rent because when you live with someone, you share the load. However, I love having my own space and do things as I please.

Finally started using my fireplace and this is my Christmas decor that I created because I wasn’t able to get a fake tree this year, but come next Christmas, I will.

This year I landed a solid job with a stable company. I work for a software company, who used to be part of Dell. I will be there a year in March and looking for the promotion I need to become an Account Manager. In February, we’re going to Nashville Tennessee, and I can’t wait. I have never been to Tennessee so it should be one for the books.

Got a new car that I am determined to keep for a long time and pay it off. Of course, this Jeep purchase was due to an accident that I thankfully was not in (my car was hit and totaled while it was parked).

I found my long lost half brother. I haven’t shared about it on my blog until now because I wasn’t ready. Found out I have a niece and they live in Florida. Hopefully we will have a reunion in person. Fun tip: He’s a Scorpio like me.

Discovering crystals and reading books again. I read 10 books from July to December. Of course I’ve been collecting/shopping for both, but I’m going to use what I have before I collect any more.

Having my identity stolen was no joke. Still need to do some more tasks related to that so that I’m protecting my identity further.

My baby sister visited me in Austin for two weeks and it was great. I felt closer to her than ever before.

New blog layout! I haven’t changed it in two years so it was about time.

All in all, I feel very blessed through everything that took place. Learned many lessons, grew through the hardships and letting go of people because life must go on.

A warm toast to 2018. You were great in the end and I’m ready for the New Year. Cheers!

How was 2018 for you? If you wrote a post, link it in the comments below!