Taking in the Beauty of San Francisco

I finally went to San Francisco last month for the first time and it was so EPIC. I still feel like I need to go back again to actually experience it all because the weekend was way too short, even with the two hour difference. This was also my dog Monroe’s, first trip with me and he did so well, I was surprised. I kept him in a dog carrier underneath the seat in front of me on the plane and he kept quiet and that was a relief.

Once I got to my friend’s place we just relaxed most of the time at her place. Also, she lives in the San Jose area so it’s not like SF was right there in our neck of the woods. We made the most of it though by catching up, our dogs getting acquainted for the first time and it was good ol’ girl time!

It was so windy, I’m shocked we got a good selfie in.

But this northern part of California was outstandingly beautiful. I expected to see palm trees because that’s how it is in Southern California, but I was pleasantly surprised seeing all the pine trees, the mountains and the ocean. It was a bit chilly too. When we took pictures at the Golden Gate Bridge, our hands and feet were freezing! But we took advantage of the golden hour and took some fabulous shots despite the wind.

I think this is such an amazing shot, I’m pleased I took it 🙂 Isn’t she gorgeous?
I’m not that good at doing different poses, so this will have to do haha.

After our photo op at the Golden Gate Bridge, we went to a seafood restaurant in Sausalito called Salito’s Crab House. We both ordered the same entree, Crabmeat Alfredo, which was divine. We also got some beignets and added some chocolate and caramel drizzle, so delish. The view was great because it was right off a boat dock and it was like we were outside but still had a patio cover.

The next day we went down to Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk with our dogs because I needed to see the ocean. And because it was a beautiful sunny day. Also, I enjoy going to boardwalks. The last one I went to was at Huntington Beach several years ago.

It was also a lot warmer than the day before so I was able to wear sandals. My friend got her cartoon portrait done with her dog and that was cool. We didn’t ride any rides because we’re cool like that. We just walked around, got some food and then headed back because we had a long drive back. This is also when I’m thankful I live in Austin because everything is close by.

Next time I go to San Fran, I’m definitely going to stay at a Wyndham resort since I work for the company and can really sight see. Sometimes when you get away, you don’t have to do everything under the sun. Some chill time, walking around near the beach with our dogs in tow and some delicious seafood is all you need to really get away and cherish these moments.

Have y’all done any traveling these days? Summer time is almost here, which hopefully means more traveling days ahead.