How I Switched from Blogger to WordPress {New Blog}


This post may contain affiliate links but these are products I highly recommend. I won’t put anything on this page that I haven’t verified/used myself.

Oh my! I never thought I’d finally switch from Blogger to WordPress, but here I am!

After what seemed like ages, I’m happy to debut this new blog layout and it was well worth it.

It all started because of Helene raving about WordPress and after reading this post from her, I decided it was time to switch things up. I found this theme that was on sale from Studio Mommy and lucky for me it was 50% off for a whopping $22.

Now this isn’t my first time using WordPress. Back in the day, I used to have a blog called Laura Melanie is Love and that was my first introduction to the WordPress world. I hated it for the simple fact that I would often mess with my layout and then something will happen where it would break so it would take me hours to fix. Hopefully now that it’s been a little over a decade since, I won’t have any issues.

I did my research and was thinking of getting my hosting through Blue Host. Instead, I decided to go with Mommy Host for a few reasons:

  • Mommy Host has a monthly subscription ($10) whereas Blue Host wanted $60 up front, which is not bad for a year. Because I’m on a tight budget though, I knew I couldn’t fork over $60. Plus, who knows if I will even like WordPress and want to go back to Blogger {not gonna happen but at least there’s no contract}.
  • Once I switched everything to Mommy Host, their rep (Gregg) contacted me and made my dreams come true by helping me migrate all my posts/pages over. Not sure if Blue Host would’ve had the same personalized service, but this was heaven sent.
  • Gregg put me on a ghost site where I can edit my theme, add my plugins, my comments without affecting my current blog {this way I had no down time on my blog}.

Because I had my domain through GoDaddy, I had to pay for a domain transfer which was only $12. Once I was done editing my theme and everything was good to go, I just had to wait on GoDaddy to transfer my domain over which can take up to 5 days.

All in all, I spent $44 to switch to WordPress. Now, I’m not saying that’s how cheap it will be for everyone because I actually have a background in HTML and web design so I was able to tweak the theme myself. If you need help, you can always get whoever you go with to install the theme for you, if they offer it. Studio Mommy charges $69 to install her theme and that’s not too shabby.

I decided to finally do my very own blog newsletter!

I’m nervous yet totally excited that I will get to pop into your inboxes once a week to share, inspire, engage and most of all help you guys with anything I can so as to bring you more value. I am going to send an email once a week as I said, so this way I’m not bombarding you with emails.

Once you subscribe, you’ll also be getting my first ever reader survey. It’s something that I have been procrastinating on and I rather do it much more privately via email. I will be sure to show you the results through email (as a sneak peek) and then the whole shebang on my blog.

For those wondering which service I chose to create my newsletter, I went with MailChimp. Eventually I will switch to ConvertKit, but for now this is what works for me. So far, I am pleased with MailChimp because it’s user friendly and I’m already learning the ropes after using it for 2 days. Did I mention it’s free? I was a little shocked because for a girl who’s on a budget, this was much needed.

Lastly, I’d just like to say that this already feels like the best decision ever to move my blog to the next level and I can’t wait to see it all unfold. I stayed up late at night (up to 6am some nights) to get this blog launched and it’s finally here! So look around, subscribe and feel free to ask me any questions you may have.

PS. Another good link to check out is Helene’s How to Start a Lifestyle Blog from Scratch. That girl knows her stuff.

PSS. If you can’t see the new blog layout and still see the old one, be sure to delete your cache/cookies.

If you have a blog, have you made the switch?