So The Adventure Begins…

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The second week of 2017 is about to wrap and I have yet to jot down my goals. Don’t you worry though, it’s coming in a big way. Sometimes you gotta meditate and take your time on setting your goals because they are, after all, frightening — if they’re not, then are they even goals?

It’s almost the weekend, but as you might guess, every day this week for me has felt like a big weekend, (blame it on funemployment). Last week I had a job interview lined up and unfortunately that was 86’d thanks to a temporary hiring freeze. It won’t last long though and I’ll get my chance. In the meanwhile, here’s what I’ve been up to:

  • Went to see Rogue One with my stepdad. The movie was pretty good and I always enjoy Star Wars movies.
  • Binge watched Good Behavior with Nestor and man, that show was addicting.
  • Started reading The Husband’s Secret (again) and hoping to actually finish it. I know I only started the first chapter last time, now I’m on chapter 3 #progress.
  • Actually worked out at the gym. {Well, I’m going today so that counts right?}
  • Got invited to a networking event, which I’m attending next week.
  • A lady bug visited me while I was sitting at a Starbucks, lucky me! I think she wanted my coffee.
  • Stalking Helene to let me be her virtual assistant. She’ll pick me, I know it. I just gotta be patient. {Ok and I’m totally claiming it but if you don’t put it out to the universe, might as well kiss it goodbye #justsaying}

I looked at my 2016 resolutions and I cringed at how much I really didn’t accomplish. Partly my fault for not staying focused or being specific, partly not my fault due to circumstances that were beyond my control. Regardless, I want to change that for 2017 and really set my goals on fire to where they will be my daily mental note until I reach them.

Patting myself on the back for finally doing my first mini tutorial, How To Organize Your Gmail in 3 Easy Steps. Be sure to check it out if you need help decluttering your inbox.

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How’s your 2017 starting off? Let me know in the comments!