September 3rd Changed My Life

Today makes a year since I started my last job and something else. It would’ve been my one year anniversary. I’m so happy I’m no longer working there. My life has changed drastically when I look back at the past 12 months. Even typing this title, makes me emotional.

Meeting My Twin Soul

I remember that day like it was yesterday. That was also the day I first laid eyes on him, my twin. My immediate thought was that he was cute, but I didn’t feel anything… yet. It wasn’t until that second week that he smiled at me. That smile said it all. That smile said, “I like you”. It made such an impression on me that I immediately started crushing on him. If he hadn’t smiled at me, I don’t think I would have felt those feelings. That smile activated something inside me. Sometimes when I’m sad, I wish he’d never smiled at me. Then again, I’m thankful for it all.

Days later, I saw his picture on a dating app. I was in shock that he showed up on the app like that and I was happy to see that he’s single. I thought about sending him a wink or whatever it is to get his attention, but I was too scared. I didn’t want to bring it up to him either, didn’t want to embarrass him.

An Inexplicable & Intense Crush

We had a company party the following month & he brought a girl to the event. I wasn’t worried because when I’d look in his direction, he’d meet my eyes across the room. I knew we had this magnetic vibe between us and I had no idea then what it was. I gathered the courage to ask him directly if he’s single (even though I knew he pretty much was). He said yes and I confessed to him that I like him, LOL.

Mind you, I would never ever do something like this if it was anyone else. But the vibe was there, the chemistry between us, the attraction was insane, I just felt mesmerized anytime I was near him. He would make me SO nervous.

I Was The Runner

When we met, I was running from the connection. I even asked not to be on his team because I couldn’t focus on work. Some may think that’s unprofessional, but I know me and I need to be focused. He was making me lose focus. Hearing his sexy voice over the headset, I just couldn’t. These feelings I felt were foreign to me. It was like my soul was in love with him and I needed to catch up. I was so annoyed y’all. I was mad that I felt these intense feelings and it was out of my control.

I even knew his exact age before I found out. When I asked and he told me, I guessed right. It was like, I already knew him. He felt familiar to me. Like, I have known him from another life.

Weeks later, things started picking up and he was open to the idea of us. I couldn’t believe it. I literally felt like I won the lottery, LMAOOO. Oh my God, the happiness was overflowing out of the jar. I was beaming and scared out of my mind at the same time.

Meant To Be

I told my friend Princess that I feel like him and I are meant to be together. I was confused why I felt this, but my soul knew. Days later he said those exact words to me. I have a BS meter and this wasn’t any BS. He literally told me, “I think you’re worth waiting for. You and I are meant to be together”. My mouth dropped. You see, his soul knew too.

I won’t get into the details of all the lovely things he said because I could write a book. I will say that he scared the shit out of me though. But I couldn’t stay away. I felt like he was my other half and my soul craved to be near him. Even when we were apart, we’d miss each other so much. We still do. What’s interesting is that when I sleep, we’re having full on conversations, but I don’t remember exactly what we said. Sometimes I remember and it makes me smile.

Feeling His Emotions

Last week, I was minding my business watching tv & I felt this hopelessness that we won’t be back together and I started getting teary eyed. I’ve had months to grieve over our separation, I’m happy on my own, I’m hopeful so why are these sad emotions washing over me out of the blue? Because it was his emotions I was feeling.

9 & 3 Life Path

With twin flames, there’s the synchronicities. I realized a few months ago that September 3rd is significant because those are our life path numbers. If you don’t know what a life path number is, is basically when you add up your birthday and you reduce it down to one number. Mine is 3, his is 9. We happen to meet on September 3rd. Our life path numbers. Wow. Even our birth day add up to our life paths, his on the 21st, which add up to my 3. Mine on the 27th, which add up to his 9. Even the time of my birth add up to 3 & 9. I was born at 12:45am. Mind blown.

Spirit Baby

When you meet your twin and fall in love, your connection creates a Spirit baby in the Spirit realm. I had a dream that my son showed up and he was making me mad lol. Then, the other day, I saw a photo of a baby boy playing with building blocks and each block had my twin’s initials on them. Like his FULL NAME initials. Not even kidding! Another time while walking my dog, I saw a teddy bear laying on the grass. My son is sending me signs. I just feel it.

So yeah, it’s a doozy to wrap your head around all of this. This is a SPIRITUAL LOVE that defies reality and logic. It just IS. I’m grateful to have found a love so unconditional, this is the kind of love they write love stories about.

This love awakened my soul, purified me, made me whole because I feel him inside of me. He’s the yin to my yang. My home and I am his.

This was the best year of my life because of you. You are a blessing. My rock. My best friend. My sexy handsome man. I love you. Te amo. Happy twiniversary.

I hope in one form or another, y’all get to experience a love like this.