Thank you so much for your kind words, it really made me tear up towards the end of the video because I could tell by the tone of your voice how genuine, kind hearted person you are. Thank you again for giving me insight with my situation. Pretty crazy because you said so many things that resonated. You had me laughing girl. Thank you for bringing clarity in my life, I very much needed that.

Happy client

Everything you mentioned is true & is exactly how things feel. We both have heavy baggage & I recently released mine because my karmic was abusive. I started my LLC, he has a farm in Mexico so that’s that abundance you’re speaking of.

We both have a lot of closed off skeletons in our closet we’re still dealing with & I know we haven’t opened up about yet, but I feel that’s coming soon when we spend the time alone together. He did end up traveling to me as soon as he landed, he came and saw me before going home!

You gave me a lot of guidance & clarity actually since I was feeling so lost in the connection & blocked off. It gave me understanding on his end & my part of this Twin Flame Journey. Even in this reading we mirrored a lot! Haha. You’re the best!


Thank you so much for my personal reading. It was beautiful to say the least. Rainbows and angels. You confirmed a lot of what he will not reveal, but I can feel. Somethings came up that I know was confirmation to me that you know what you are doing & I am on the right path. You have such a gift. I am glad that I found you. 


I’ve listened to your reading a couple of more times. It was so beautiful. He doesn’t tell me his feelings. I’m not sure why that is. I see it in his eyes. The love is there, but it’s nice to hear the words. That’s why I thank you. It means a lot to me.

Happy client

Wow!! This reading was so spot on. First time I have done a personal reading and it hit the nail on the head….even down to little synchronicities and signs from Spirit within the reading itself. I feel so much more at peace.

I love how real and authentic this reading was, yet gentle and loving as well. Complete confirmation for me of what I didn’t know and what I already knew, lol.

I really appreciate your gift and sharing this with me. I will definitely be booking a reading in the future.


I first want to thank you for the awesome 24 hour turnaround on my reading. Honey, you was on point with everything you said in regards to my situation. You were accurate, I mean on everything from beginning to the end. I thank you for your sweet, kind voice and I can definitely tell you put your all into your readings. You really go deep and I appreciate you for confirming on my situation. Thank you soo very much.