Pupdate: Monroe is Adopted


It’s official. I am a dog mom again! Yesterday was a day I won’t ever forget. My new dog, Monroe, who I’ve been keeping since we found him a few weeks ago, escaped through our backyard. He always tags along with my mom’s dog Mona Lisa and sometimes she gets out, but she always comes back. This time, he must’ve gotten lost and didn’t know how to get back home.

Nestor and I went to the movies to see Logan. Awesome movie BTW. When we got out of the theater, I saw my mom text me that my dog got away. My heart dropped because it was an hour ago when she sent me that text. We rushed home and drove around (very slowly) to see if we could spot him in our neighborhood. I started to lose hope and I had a knot in my throat because I felt the waterworks coming.

This felt like a double whammy losing a dog again. I prayed that we’d find him and as we almost drove home, a lady flagged us down. She asked if we’re looking for a dog, a white Shih Tzu, we told her YES! She said she just took him to the shelter and asked if we wanted to follow her. So we did, but by the time we got there, they were closed.

I cannot tell you the relief and gratefulness I felt that this kind lady took him to the shelter and the crazy coincidence (or my answered prayer) that she found us. She said she saw us driving around slowly so that made her think we were looking for him.

Last night I couldn’t sleep that well. Every night since he’s been with me, he’s slept in my bed.

This morning I immediately went to the shelter and got there 20 minutes early before they opened. They offered to get him fixed, microchipped and rabies shot for half price and no housing fee (since it had been less than 24 hours). This is something that he absolutely needed so I agreed. I thought maybe his original owner would’ve looked for him, but it seems that they didn’t. Otherwise, they would have told me he was claimed for.

I can’t wait to reunite with Monroe. I got him more toys and going to take him on walks from now on. He also will have his own dog tag with his name on it and a little bling. I’m so happy!

What’s also crazy is how yesterday as I was playing with him I had a feeling that could very well be the last time I’m with him. I had a feeling he was going to be gone. Weird right? Mother’s intuition I guess.

How’s your humpday?