Puerto Rico Will Stand Up

It’s been a week since Hurricane Maria struck my beloved Puerto Rico and the world felt it. Maybe not physically, but in their hearts. Some may not be affected directly but they may have a friend or coworker who has been affected. For me, it really hit me to my core because I grew up on that beautiful island. When I was 8 years old, I experienced my first hurricane which was Hurricane Hugo. It was no joke and the most terrifying experience you can imagine. But we made it, our house although flooded, was restored and we made it back to the top.

I still have family in Puerto Rico. My dad, brother, cousins, aunts, uncles – my heart aches for my family. Thankfully, they are all okay. I finally got in touch with my dad on Monday night and he told me he’s okay, I was so relieved. We’re finally going to be reunited this fall since he’s coming to visit.

Even though the devastation is loud and clear, I somehow have huge hope and faith that God has us. Through this crisis, He is going to work things out for PR. I truly believe that this will be the push that Puerto Rico needs to finally become a state. My island is going to get an upgrade and get rebuilt even better than before. Of course, it will take time, but with time comes healing and we will be able to stand back up.

My mom was really upset the other day and I told her that we will rise from this. I told her how the other day I saw a video of Puerto Ricans playing music, singing, with happiness in their faces that they are alive. Material possessions don’t matter as much when you are alive. She told me, “PR won’t be the same”. I told her, “Good! We need PR to be better than before and I know it will happen. Maybe Hurricane Maria had to wash PR clean to give it a fresh start”. She was in awe of how positive I was throughout our talk, but that’s the way I always want to think.

What matters is being surrounded by loved ones and being able to communicate with them. Sadly, I know some people aren’t as lucky and are still waiting to hear from their loved ones. I hope they hear from them soon because I went 6 days without hearing my dad’s voice and it was tough.

Please donate to The Salvation Army for Hurricane Maria relief to Puerto Rico.