Podcast Meets Blogger

So I started podcasting again. I know I’ve been quiet around my blog these past few months, but your girl is going through it. But today I don’t want to talk about that, I want to talk about podcasting. Focus on the good, ya feel me?

I first started podcasting back in 2017. I was still living in Dallas and I couldn’t figure out my next move. So I got on this app, Anchor, for like 2 months and it really helped me. I met so many cool people on there and it was like audio Twitter/Instagram. It was such a different platform because instead of reading, you’re listening to people. And they listen to you and call in to your station!

I briefly came back to it last year but only for a few weeks. Now this past month, I decided to really start doing it again for good. It’s definitely a different outlet than blogging or interacting on the regular social media sites and that’s exactly why I love it.

On my podcast, I’ll record about things that are currently happening, rants, tvshows/movies (entertainment), travel, my singing (YASSS your girl sings), and everything else I pretty much love and feel is audio worthy. Now they even do sponsorships so you can get paid to podcast!

So enough writing, I want y’all to check out my podcast! Click on the icon below. You can also listen to it online, Spotify/Apple iTunes/Google Play – just search Bella And The City. See ya there and call in so that I know you came by!!