One Sure Way to Know if They’re Your Twin Flame

Happy mid October loves! I’ve been meaning to come on here and blog, but my YouTube channel has been my top priority. After talking with a fellow Divine Feminine, she gave me the inspiration to write about today’s topic:

One Sure Way to Know if They’re Your Twin Flame

Let me take you back to my twin and I’s connection, so that it all makes sense. So, when I met him, not only did he feel so familiar to me, but I saw myself in him. The things he would say would be phrases I would say, the things I felt, he already knew that’s what I was feeling and thinking, it was like looking in the mirror. He is literally the male version of me. So it’s no wonder I see him as so beautiful because I know I’m beautiful. Not being conceited or anything, but I know my beauty comes from within most of all, then the outer follows. Thanks mom! lol

He turns heads, I turn heads. I mean, hello? We are twins. We have this effect on people, we’re charming, we’re reserved, yet intuitive. We pick up on people’s vibes and even their lies.

So when we’d get into arguments, I couldn’t understand for the life of me, why I couldn’t yell, lash out, curse him out and believe me! there were times where he really pissed me off and I wanted to go OFF!! but I couldn’t. I honestly felt like if I did any of those things that I would be doing it to myself. Why would I yell at myself? curse? be nasty? I can’t!

Instead you shut down. Your voice box goes silent. You have no words to snap back. You’re mostly just stunned. This was a very frustrating, confusing and helpless time. I know when someone pisses me off, I have no qualms about giving them a piece of my mind. But with him? I was speechless. Mute. What’s wrong with me?

Nothing. Absolutely nothing. This person is your mirror. They’re reflecting back to you what you need to work on yourself. They’re showing you areas of your life that need healing. Those triggers are there for evaluating where you need to start mending your wounds.

Sometimes when I see my own picture, I see him in there too. I will say, when he’d get angry, I thought it was the cutest thing. I never told him this though, haha. That would probably make him angrier. But I always remained calm because I knew he was just dealing with some stuff and it wasn’t anything I would do on purpose. I was just triggering him without even intending to.

Never in my 37 years, have I met someone who would get triggered about something I’d say when my intention was to be at peace with them. I felt the peaceful feeling, but it was cut short by these triggers.

That’s how you know this dynamic is different. There’s the good and the bad. The bad is very foreign because it’s not normal to trigger people so easily that you’re dating. At least for me, that was way out of the norm.

And of course, another way to know if they’re your twin is… they never leave you. They’re constantly there in your thoughts, in your heart, in your dreams, when you go on about your day you get signs from the Universe about them, their name following you, synchronicities like crazy. You feel like you’re needing to be put under professional supervision.

But you don’t because this is a spiritual soul connection. You two are one. So time and space can’t erase or sever your soul connection. Your twin wants to be with you, but until they work on their shadows and triggers, they can’t come into union with you. You gotta put in the work! Be in union with yourself, so that when you heal, they heal.

I fondly remember he wanted to call me something more than just “babe”. He said that he felt it was so generic and it doesn’t really go with us. Now that I know we’re twin souls, he can call me his twin or twinny. Or Divine Fem sounds good too, lol.

Hope that helps you on your path to this enlightening, albeit, roller-coaster of a love ride. Wee!

As within, so without. As above, so below.