Everything Happens For a Reason

If you read my last post, I was really struggling with staying positive earlier this week after a few things took place. Thankfully the next day, things turned around in my favor. I landed a job interview next week with *drumroll* – DELL. And it all started because a friend of mine read my blog post! The power of the internet, I tell you. What I found interesting was that while I was on my interview earlier this week with the job I didn’t get, the interviewer brought up Dell when referencing where I live. How particularly odd that he would even mention it right?

To my delight, Dell is right by my house. A five minute commute. I finally feel like I’m seeing God’s plan and why he didn’t want me working in downtown, which would have been a 25 minute commute. When it comes to big companies, everyone and their mama know what Dell is. If they don’t, they’re living under a rock.

I have a new roommate who just moved in a few days ago and she’s a gem. I feel like we’re both going through some growing pains (she’s in her thirties too) and we bonded right away. At least I know I have a new friend I can hang out with and get introduced to all her friends since she’s pretty much from Austin.

Been wanting to write and share my goals for 2018, but I am still mulling them over. But definitely stay tuned for that.

If you’re on the same boat as me and you had a rough week or month so far, don’t worry. Everything happens for a reason and it always works out in the end. Enjoy the weekend loves!