Oh Happy Day!

Hey y’all! I’ve got some exciting news to share. After searching for a long six months of job hunting, I finally found the one. Not just that, but they hired me on the spot during the interview. That seriously felt like a homerun! No more guessing and waiting, just BOOM. There it is.

I will say though that I learned a lot about myself, what I don’t want and what I envision for myself. Job searching felt a lot like dating. I went on so many dates I was becoming jaded and exhausted from it all. But I finally found a company that is a good match for me. I start on Tuesday next week, day after Labor Day!

I’ll still be doing sales, inside sales and while it is a grind, I’m looking at the big picture. This is a startup and I know I kept telling myself to never join a startup after joining a few, yet this one feels like a whole new vibe and opportunity. It’s all a matter of how you look at it.

This last week I’ve been doing Uber, my tips have doubled significantly because I shifted my perspective. I decided to start being more giving to my riders and the tips showed up. Wrapping up the Labor Day weekend doing a few more rides and then back to the office.

One neat thing about the new job is that they allow your dog to come hang out with you and that’s a bonus! Monroe is such an attention whore though, I don’t know how that will go and people always gravitate towards him because he looks so damn cute.

I had a feeling August was going to turn things around and I’m uber thankful that it did. This long search was definitely worth. the. wait.

September is going to be a great month!! Then my birthday is in October. I’m ready for fall! Now I need to make my way to Starbucks and taste the first PSL of the season. Have y’all tried it yet?

Oh yeah and before I forget, I’m going to put up a new podcast episode today for Sex & The City Episode 4. I recorded the beginning of it two weeks ago, then got distracted and didn’t finish it but I’m working on it and will post it up! Be on the lookout on my stories where I’ll share a mini clip.

How has August treated you? What do you look forward to this fall?