Now Taking Bestie Applications

Bestie Applications

The past 3 years has been a crazy time for me and it definitely impacted my friendships. For the most part though, a lot of my good friends moved away to another city or an entirely different state. Other times it can be life transitions like if they got married and/or had kids.

Do you ever notice like at weddings, the bridesmaids count is low? Or in my case I don’t get invited or if I do, I’m definitely not part of the wedding.

Fun fact: I have never been a bridesmaid. Never the bride, never the bridesmaid.

It seems the older we get, the smaller our circle of friends become. There’s nothing wrong with that, I just find it interesting.

That said, it’s things like this that make me not want to have a wedding. For what? So I can have no one as a bridesmaid and no one to throw me a Bachelorette party? It’s really disheartening.

I don’t think I’m alone on this, but right now I feel like an island.

I’ve had good friends in the past and some of them left my life without me wanting them to. It was like something switched in their brain that they were done with the friendship and I didn’t even get to open my mouth. It’s heartbreaking.

There’s some friends I’ve had where we’ve broken up, not talked for a year, then talked again and mended the friendship. Recently though, I think this friend is really done. No matter how often I reach out, or like her pics on social media, she’s gone. That hurts.

I remember one time I met this girl and we connected so well. We were both single and when she was dating a guy, I hardly saw her. I figured she was one of those girls who made her man her world and no one else existed. I used to be that way and I don’t care to be like that anymore.

Until one day, she wasn’t seeing anyone and we picked up where we left off. We were actually neighbors and she was about to move. Those last 2 weeks before she moved we got closer than we had the past 8 months we lived in that building. I knew we had a special friendship especially when she gave me an heirloom. A stone painted into a ladybug as a token of appreciation.

But then she met someone and she pretty much disappeared. I thought after she moved that I would get to see her new place, I was wrong. I saw her once more at an event with her man, but our connection was non existent. I knew we weren’t meant to be friends anymore. The friend-ship sailed.

Don’t fret, I’m getting to the point of this post because I want to turn things around. Not trying to throw a pity party over here.

Like Vicky from Real Housewives of Orange County says; her love tank is empty, well, my friend tank is empty. Don’t get me wrong, I do have friends. But do they really count as besties? Which brings me to…

I’m now taking bestie applications

Bestie Application

  • Must be available on Sunday mornings for brunch
  • Always text me, tag me in memes, call me to have an actual conversation
  • Down to go to the movies/mall/comedy shows/concerts/park/get coffee
  • Take a roadtrip last minute
  • Have a girl’s night which involves Netflix, order in pizza, wine and PJ’s – No boys allowed
  • Invite me to parties
  • Ask me to be her date to a wedding
  • Not moving to another state/city for the next 10 years
  • Must be a Scorpio, Pisces or Cancer (read my PSSS. below)

Nice to have, but not required:

  • Have a cute dog(s) I can play with
  • If in a relationship, go on a double date
  • Comes over my place once a week or a month
  • Gets me a gift because she thought of me
  • Takes pictures of me for my blog/social media
  • Get our nails done

About Bella
Bella is a fun girl who loves shopping and girl can eat. She’s 34 years old and has been blogging since her early 20’s when Livejournal was still around. Her goals are to grow her blog, sharpen her photography skills, impact the world any way she can, just enjoy life and have a bestie live it all with her.

If my bestie is out there, please apply below and let’s start this wonderful friendship because I need it filled asap. Oh and of course there are benefits! You get to be my bestie! Hello?

Feel free to pass this post on to someone who meets my bestie criteria. Spread the word fam.

Thank you for reading!

PS. If you were fired as my friend, no need to apply. However, if you were once a part of Bella & company (you quit without notice) then we could work something out and might rehire you. Just send a good apology cover letter.

PSS. No haters need apply. Your application will not even be opened.

PSSS. Your chances are higher if you are a Pisces, Cancer or Scorpio. No Leos or Aries! They don’t last long.

bestie application