This is Not Sponsored, But I Love Austin, Tacos & Gelato

I’ve been in Austin for two weeks now and I am absolutely in love with this city. I know that sounds cheesy, but it couldn’t be further from the truth. How I didn’t move here sooner is beyond me. There are so many places I have yet to explore and I’m so glad I get to be off on the weekends so that will allow me to go on adventures.

Austin is not just weird, but super cool

They say Keep Austin Weird and I love that phrase because it’s all about being unique and embracing your authenticity. Austin is HUGE on mom and pop shops, food trucks, holes in the wall type of spots and not too welcoming to many chain restaurants. There are only 2 Walmarts in all of Austin. Shocking right?

They are green! When you go to a grocery store, best bring your own bags because they don’t give you plastic bags. They do, but you have to pay for them, which ain’t too expensive.

It’s super dog friendly

Austinites love dogs. When I first drove in from San Antonio, I had Monroe in the passenger seat with me and I stopped by Raising Cane’s (my fave). The girl at the drive thru asked me if I wanted a dog treat for my dog! How nice is that? I was floored and super excited and said YES, please. Also, while Roman (my roommate) and I were walking our dogs, there were dog water bowls outside of this little grocery store called Royal Blue Grocery. How thoughtful, especially with this hot summer weather.

People are easy going and SO NICE

It’s a breath of fresh air to meet so many nice people anywhere I go. I could be walking Monroe and at least 3 people will say hi and then ask if they can say hi to my dog. Or if I’m at the checkout at the grocery store and the clerk strikes a conversation with me, even if it’s small talk. On the road, people drive slower and are not trying to race you. That’s a big one because Dallas people like to race you or you see folks racing each other. They’re also super nice and don’t honk at you for any reason unless they sense you’re about to get into a wreck.

Sometimes I have to catch myself because I still have a Dallas attitude. When people are so nice here, it reminds me to not be such an intense person, which a lot of people are in D Town. I got pulled over on the 4th of July and the cop was so nice he gave me not 1, but 2 warnings!

Nature is king out here

Last weekend I went to Barton Springs. When I tell you Austin people know how to do summer right, it’s a fact. And that is by dipping yourself into cold water, but be authentic and just be in nature. They also had a pool attached to the river (or town lake as they call it), but it was so relaxing and great for people watching. You can even rent kayaks and be amused by dogs swimming in the lake or balancing themselves on a kayak.

Foodies will feel right at home

I live across a food truck lot and their food is bomb AF. I had a Poke bowl and a few days later, a chorizo taco at a taco truck, which hit the spot. I can’t wait to eat ALL of the food trucks on my block. It will be so easy for me too since I’m living on 6th Street. I have yet to visit Voodoo Doughnut and I can’t wait! I keep seeing people walking around downtown with pink Voodoo Doughnut boxes and I’m immediately green with envy. My go to these days are tacos AND gelato, in that order.


The party scene is litty

I’m sure it is anyway. I have been working nonstop so I haven’t even had a chance to venture out into the nightlife. I’ll be sure to update y’all on how it is. There’s several bars within walking distance from my apartment so maybe I’ll start there soon.

Those are just a few of the highlights I wanted to share. If I keep going, I will end up convincing y’all to move here because there are so many other amazing things about this city that I can’t even wrap my head around it. My mind is literally blown. They say Austin is the best city for singles and according to US News, the top city in the US to live in! Let that sink in.

New job is going great! Will share about that on another post. For now, I will share about it to my VIP subscribers. If you haven’t subscribed, do so by entering your info below this post or on the sidebar where it says, Subscribe to my newsletter.

How has this week treated you so far?