New Moon + Twin Flames

Happy Monday loves! I wanted to share something that amazed me the other day and it was so peculiar and mind blowing that it seriously deserves its own post.

Let’s talk about twin flames. They are slightly different from soul mates; they’re like soul mates on crack. You share the same soul in two bodies. You dream of each other, you communicate telepathically, you feel their energy even if they’re far away in the 3D world. You only have one twin flame in your lifetime. You’ve also loved each other in a past life, which is why they’re familiar to you. You can’t get them out of your head or your heart, even if you try to move on to someone else. It’s a unique sacred soul connection. Your twin flame triggers you and propels you into your spiritual awakening. They help you change to become a better version of yourself because of your magnetic attraction and pull toward each other. Your love is so strong that it is intense and unlike anything you’ve ever felt before.

Now that I gave you that nugget of information on twin flames, let’s resume to the whole inspiration behind this post. So while I was on my way to work, I couldn’t get around this truck on the highway. I had to get behind it again and that’s when I saw this sign on the back of it that felt like it was a sign for me. It was a twin liquor truck and it had the logo that said, “Trust Twin – est 1937”. That’s when I knew that was a message for me. Trust my twin flame.

Then I noticed even more messages. I’ve recently started paying attention to numerology because of reading tarot cards and so let me get nerdy here and decode this other message. 1937 can be broken down as 1 + 9 = 10 / 3 + 7 = 10. The first ten is now a 1 and same for the other ten so 1 + 1 is 2!!! Twin. Then I looked at the license plate and it said 1122. Crazy right? Those are angel numbers.

What’s even crazier is that on my way home from work, I was talking to my coworker about it since I gave him a ride and as I was talking about that truck, I saw another Twin Liquor truck! Twice in one day, twins! I can’t make this up y’all. I got confirmation through these two signs in one day that I need to trust him, trust that we will be together one day.

So I’ve been pulling tarot cards and because the New Moon is taking place this week, this message {that’s essentially coming from him}, couldn’t be more spot on. What’s interesting is that I pulled the “action” card and it showed up three times in my reading.

I know some of you may read this and roll your eyes, but unless you’ve experienced having a twin flame, no one can truly understand what this journey is like. I’m so thankful for it because it taught me that I need to break away from my pattern of old habits. Now that time has gone by, I know how sacred this connection really was. Just like him, he wasn’t ready for it and I wasn’t either. Once we do come together though, it’s going to be pure bliss.

Love is patient. I am patient and I trust. I have received so many signs these last few days that I don’t doubt for a second that we are meant to be. He’s still in my dreams and even in my dreams he pisses me off lol. We are somehow still communicating telepathically.

Wow, even as I was typing this, I glanced at my phone and the time read 11:22!! Just omg.

So my message to him is this: When you’re ready to come back, know that I won’t let you go. Be 100% sure. Take that leap of faith, I will catch you. Trust in our twin flame connection. If I’m getting these signs, I’m sure you are too. PS. I love you too.

Sabrina Claudio has been healing me through her music. This is one of her songs that I just can’t stop listening to…

Ever had a twin flame? Do tell!