My Story: From Island Girl to City Girl


Today I want to share my story with y’all; where I’ve been and where I’m going. Lately, I’ve noticed how I made this big life change to move to South Texas at 34 years old. When I think of my own mother, who at my age picked up everything, her 2 kids and left our home of Puerto Rico to start anew in the states {the great state of Texas}; it really made me think how we’re both doing what’s best for us at the same age.

Of course, our lives are different because I am single, never married, no kids. Yet there are similarities since she left a relationship that wasn’t serving her and same thing with me. She was and is strong willed and determined and that’s how I am as well. I can’t even imagine having kids and uprooting our life. But I’m thankful she took that leap of faith and that risk to start over.

When I first moved to Texas, I hated it. It was a culture shock for me. The language barrier, as I only spoke very little English and when I spoke Spanish with my fellow peers, they were Mexican and couldn’t understand some of the words I would say or my gestures. I felt like an outsider, very lonely and I just wanted to go back home.

But after 6 months, my mother bought our first house, which we still have today.

That’s when things got better. I got familiar with Mexican culture, their sayings, the food, the music (I became a Selena fan right before her passing). I also picked up English where I was becoming fluent and even though I almost failed 6th grade, I overcame that obstacle and still graduated to junior high. I ended up being the youngest senior in my highschool class since I was 17.

Fast forward to present day {mainly the past year}, I found myself moving back to my hometown and staying with my parents. My mom remarried and had my baby sister, Mia, who’s now 19 years old. Imagine if we hadn’t moved, my sister would’ve never been born. Crazy right? It was destiny. Our fate.

So I found myself in the roughest time of my life and I thought I went through it all. Living in Dallas was not easy with the job market being all about who you know and it felt more pro-employer than pro-employee. Employers were so picky and wouldn’t even give me a single interview. I found myself very frustrated and depressed. I felt lost and didn’t know where my life was headed.

Somehow the idea to move elsewhere started marinating in my head. I threw around the idea of moving to California since I have family there, Florida or Austin. Austin just kept coming up like word vomit. Haha. {Mean Girls reference, can’t help it}. Then I started to think in my head, who do I know that lives there? And my friend Roman, my college friend, popped into my head.

Once I told him my sob story because let’s be real, it was a novela {Spanish soap opera that never seems to end}. And he was so sweet, open minded and gave me the support I needed and told me of course I can move in with him and we’ll figure it out.

Don’t get me wrong, I miss Dallas. I miss my parents most of all. Home cooked meals and always seeing them every day was great, I felt like a kid again. Though that was awesome, I know I got too comfortable, lazy and depressed. I wouldn’t get up until 1pm or 2pm some days.

Now that I’m on my own, I’ve been busy but it’s good. I’m hoping I’ll get to explore San Antonio before my move to Austin, but I do feel like I’m going crazy most days. Not really, but at least I know home is not too far if I want to visit.

This might turn into a blog series, but for now it’s gonna be a single post unless y’all want me to share more or if the mood strikes me, whichever comes first.

Have you ever moved away from home? What was it like those first few weeks/months?

PS. Here’s a clip of my post if you’d like to listen —