My Happy Moments This Week

So happy it’s Friday! It seems a lot of people are on that health kick with the start of a new year. Not going to count myself as one of those people because I am realistic with myself and don’t want to start the year breaking off my own promises. So instead I am taking it day by day and enjoying the little things. Furthermore, I also have a few things I’m looking forward to this weekend, but before I’m off I want to recap my week by breaking it down in chunks.

Challenges: Squats & Planks

My coworkers and I decided this week to start doing squats and planks. They’re also doing abs and pushups, but ain’t nobody got time for ‘dat so I counted myself out of that real quick. But when we do our squats and planks, each day we increase it little by little so that in 30 days we will be killing it. Maybe next week I’ll change my mind and join them on the abs and pushups. Baby steps.

Movies: Annihilation & The Good Lie

Usually I watch tv shows (hello, Outlander is my vice and also Victoria which comes back this Sunday and I can’t wait), but as of late I started tuning into movies because why not? Gotta switch things up a little. Annihilation was so good! I really liked it and even though I wanted to read the book first, I love Natalie Portman and so I gave it a shot. Definitely going to still read the book. I feel like the movie left a lot of questions unanswered that I felt the need to Google.

The Good Lie was amazing! A true story and absolutely heartbreaking, yet gives you hope that people can come out of tragedy and trauma to be a better version of themselves. I cried a few times, especially during the mini reunions.

Books: Sawkill Girls & First Trip to Austin Public Library

Still reading Sawkill Girls and finally was able to get a TexShare card which will allow me to check books out at the downtown Austin Public Library. Making my first trip there this weekend. Winning!

Travel: Nashville Trip in February

My company is having a sales kickoff event in Nashville, Tennessee. I know I mentioned Memphis because I had a brain fart, but nope, we’re headed to Music City! It’s at the end of February and we booked our flights on Tuesday. The plan is to get there a day early where we can stay in downtown Nashville and then join the rest of the company for the conference at the Gaylord (which is also where we’re staying) and it’s close to the Opry! Any recommendations are welcomed!

My Apartment: Renewed my lease

It’s nice to renew your lease because it’s one less thing to worry about: moving. But another nice thing is when your rent does not go up and it’s locked in for another year. Win win.

Sweet Tooth: MUG Treats Y’all

I found out about these Betty Crocker mug treats right before Christmas and I am obsessed. Mine are more “bowl treats” because all my mugs are in the dishwasher. Have y’all tried these? OMG, they are divine and there’s all kinds of flavors, but so far I am loving the hot fudge brownie. The triple chocolate was a bit dry, but the brownie is rich and hits the spot. Add some Blue Bell pecan ice cream and your cheat meal is complete. You’re welcome.

Brunch Spot: Snooze

I love brunch spots. Finally going to check this place out and I’m going with my girl and her kid. Super excited because I mostly eat in to save money so it’s nice to get out every now and then. I want to order french toast and a big cup of coffee.

Last, but not least… my Cowboys won this past weekend. Yaasssss.

How was your week? Any interesting plans for the weekend?