My First Tarot Reading

first tarot reading

Last week I had my first Tarot reading and I’m still in awe. I didn’t even know it was going to happen until the day before.

My friend Saha, whom I’ve known online for over 10 years started doing tarot readings for about 4 years now, which means she’s knowledgeable and certified. Not only that, I trust her and know this isn’t some stranger doing my reading.

She asked me what topics do I want a tarot reading for and I chose love & career. Then she recorded each reading on a private YouTube session and I felt as if I was there. How neat is it that the internet allows us to get remote tarot readings, I love it!

Lastly, she did 4 decks of cards for each reading. Each card will tell you: Past // Current situation // Guidance (Advice) // Outcome. You will get to see your reading on a YouTube video and keep it bookmarked for as long as you’d like since she doesn’t delete them.

What I love is how she went above and beyond and did my energy forecast for February, as well as a wisdom keeper reading. For it being my first reading, I wasn’t sure how all this works so I was curious about love and career because I’m starting a new chapter with both.

When she talked about my love reading, I got goosebumps because everything she said was dead on. At the same time, it gave me clarity and hope that I’m on the right path. Then she did my career reading, she kept saying I’m going to become an expert at something and then in turn sharing that skill with others through communication. Sweet!

I’ve always been into astrology and tarot reading was a logical thing for me to try. Something nudged her to do the reading for me, so that must be the universe trying to let me know what’s up. I’m so happy that I got my tarot reading done. I feel a newfound sense of relief, determination and more awareness than I had before and that’s awesome.

first tarot reading

You should get a tarot reading if:

You need to find peace. If you are facing challenges and find yourself stressed, worrying or thinking negatively, finding peace could help you to accept the outcomes in order to move on.

To gain insight. Maybe you are unsure about something and you want that push of confidence that you’re on the right track. Gaining insight or clarity may just be that confirmation that you’re needing to know where you need to go next.

Nurture your relationships. Relationships aren’t perfect, and a tarot reading could help you to see what areas of your relationship need room for growth and highlight the good things that are already there.

Because Saha is so gracious to not only have done my tarot reading, she is also doing a special offer for Bella & The City readers to get your own tarot reading! You’ll get a discount for 20% off $30 or more. Use my code – BELLA20 at checkout. Head on over to Feng Slay and see the different readings you can choose from or you can get a custom made reading.

What do you think about tarot readings? If you get yours done, please share how it went!