My First Book Haul In Who Knows How Long

Books are my passion. These days I’m quite enjoying re-exploring my passion for reading and collecting books. With that recent passion being reignited, I tend to buy a ton of books, on top of checking out 10 books from the library. It doesn’t help matters when I step into an Amazon bookstore and they give me discount after discount off every book I pick up off the shelf. Like for example, Crazy Rich Asians (this post may contain affiliate links) turned out to be $6 cheaper just because I’m a Prime member. Hello!! You can call me The Book Hoarder… or Crazy Book Lady. Take your pick.

I really want to see the Sweetbitter series on Starz, but before I do, gotta read the book. Lily Collins came out with a memoir called Unfiltered, which I had no clue she did so I bought it. I’m still obsessed with crystals so I got this one, which makes my second crystals book in my collection.

There’s a few more books I bought online that I knew I wouldn’t be able to find in a local bookstore. Those books are not pictured here, but I will gladly and unashamedly list them because while I know I have a problem, I think it’s a good problem to have.

You Are a Badass – I did get this one at the Amazon bookstore, even though I also checked out a copy from the library. That copy is being returned this week. Someone else needs to know the reasons why they are a badass as well.

Your Story is Your Power – This book has all kinds of illustrations, quotes, motivation and exercises to help you realize that you have a story worth sharing with others. I figured this would be an excellent book to help me explore the option of writing my memoir, if that’s the genre I end up choosing.

You’re Not Lost – I heard about this book from a fellow blogger, Carly The Prepster. Her friend wrote it and she raved about it so I figured why not. It won’t hurt to read a book on believing in myself so that I don’t feel like I’m lost.

The Light Between Oceans – This is a book turned into a movie and I want to see the movie so bad (starring Alicia Vykander aka Lara Croft Tomb Raider), but I want to read the book first. Book review to come for sure.

Children of Blood and Bone – Last, but definitely not least; this is a young adult fantasy book and it is in the works of becoming a movie. I’m halfway through the book and I originally got it from the library, but I didn’t get to finish it so I figured I’d buy it. Best decision ever.

Anyway, I’m off to read my books. It feels so good being surrounded by the things that make me happy and things that I love. Sincerely – Bella The Bookworm

What are you loving/hoarding lately? Do tell!