Happy New Year 2019 + My Crazy Resolutions

Yay, it’s 2019! How fast it came upon us. Like boom! here it is. Just like that and I had to be back at work the next day, lol. I will say that my Christmas break was a bit stressful because you know how family can be: Stressful AF. Past years, it was a breeze. But this year it was tough as nails. What sucks is that I’m the oldest so I have to act more mature than my younger siblings so that was hard. But as soon as I drove back to Austin, I got invited to a lovely New Year’s Day dinner with a friend and all was well.

So let’s talk about New Year’s resolutions.

When I decided to write down my resolutions, some of them just had to be a must because when you look back at your history, or spending trends in my case, it is astonishing what you find. While some of these I will keep to myself for the sake of keeping them as reminders rather than proclamations of things I haven’t done yet, let’s dive into the ones I want to crack wide open, shall we?

Both Starbucks & Amazon have all my money

No wonder I am broke y’all! I added up all my spending with both companies, and it came out to almost $1,100. What in Jesus’ name is this? This is outrageous, unspeakable, shameful. Wow! It’s time to be a little more wiser with the little money I do have. So in turn, I will cut it down drastically where I only place one order a month, if that.

Get nails done once a month

I’m the kind of girl who will get her nails done once every two weeks! I’m sorry but that is excessive! Sometimes that can mean I spend around $100 a month on nails and I need to desperately cut that down by more than half so $35 max. It’s gonna be rough because I hate seeing my nails grow out and you can tell they need a fill, but sometimes you have to decide what’s more important: groceries in your fridge and gas in your car? or your nails to be excellent while your stomach grumbles? Decisions, decisions.

Nails in ombre style from a week ago (they still look decent).

Read 25 books within the year

Last year I read 10 books in 6 months, so this year reading 25 books seems fairly realistic. I have so many books on my list, I will have to do a separate post sharing what my reading list entails. Some of these books may be on your list too. I can’t wait to share. Also, I find it funny when I see people strive for 100 – 225 books in a year. They either must be a really fast reader, and/or they don’t have any kind of social life. Goodness gracious. My dream job would be to read books all day and then turn around and write a few books myself. Why not, right?

Latest book I checked out of the library.

That’s all I got for now. These are my crazy resolutions. My other crazy resolutions I will keep near and dear to my heart and when I finally accomplish them, then and only then, I will share. Stay tuned.

What are your 2019 resolutions?