My Christmas To Do List

It’s the middle of December already and I have totally failed at doing any Christmas related posts. I wanted to blog about holiday traditions, Christmas wishlists (mine or ideas for others), my holiday to do list, places I want to go to be festive, my favorite holiday recipes, just so much! Then I come to my blog and stare at the screen and it all escapes me.

So I’m just not gonna be hard on my blogger self and just take a baby step – in the right direction and share my TO DO list with y’all.

Lately I’ve been buzzing in Nestor’s ear about how important it is to jot stuff down that you have to get done so that you don’t forget. We aren’t superhuman, but if that could be my super power to not forget things, that would come in handy.

Here’s what I need to do sometime this weekend/week coming up:
– Buy Christmas candles (they could very well be on sale so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to snatch a few).
– Get Christmas lights to decorate my room (I already decorated Nestor’s place in his living room and he loves it).
– Bake Christmas cookies/make my famous cherry cheesecake casserole (I’ll even share the recipe here so you guys can make it too).
– Find my Christmas stickers so I can decorate my Happy Planner (been slacking off the planner but no more).
– Create a holiday playlist and share it with y’all (Follow me on Spotify).
– Get Nestor his Christmas gift (along with everyone else in my family).
– Get some firewood so we can light up the fireplace.
– Revamp my blog design (this one may take longer than a week to accomplish, but it needs to be done; New Year, New Blog right?).
– Take some holiday photos around town/out and about. I’m bad at that too because I forget to unless it comes to snapping my food. Priorities!
– Finally go to Holiday in the Park at Six Flags with my boo.
– Go to Klyde Warren Park and Vitruvian Lights in Addison.
– Go Christmas shopping with Nestor.

So yeah now that I jotted it all down, I need to get to work on all of this. I guess I can make it into a mini series so I can keep myself accountable and show you guys my progress.

Anyone else want to join me? Share your Christmas to do list in the comments or on your blog! Tag me.