March Rollover & Official Goals

March Goals

Is it just me? Or is this year zooming by? Sometimes I wish I could hit the pause button and catch my breath. Now that I’m caring for a puppy, my time’s been a little invested in taking care of him and then mixing my daily routine as well. Also, Netflix is sucking up all my time with the latest show I’m binging on – Penny Dreadful. If you like stories of Dr. Frankenstein, Dracula, and Werewolves, then this show is for you! Did I mention Josh Hartnett is one of the leading characters? You’re welcome.

Anywho, since this year is pretty much flying, I’d thought it best to set some March goals. But let me just say that these are what I call, rollover goals because I lost track of time and wasn’t disciplined. Whatever goals I didn’t knock out, get to rollover. Remember rollover minutes? Yeah me neither.

March goals that are rolling over

Reading books. You’d think one book a month would be a simple attainable goal. Now I’m needing to catch up and read not 1, not 2, but 3 books to be back on track. One of my 2017 goals was to read 12 books for the year and so I’m way off.

Finish Affiliate course. I’m halfway done with the affiliate course created by Michelle Schroeder. I was naive to think I was going to finish it in a week, ha! It’s a whole lot of stuff you gotta do and I haven’t even touched the worksheets that are included.

Exercise regularly. Epic fail on working out last month. I only went to the gym once! Nestor is more motivated than I am and we went together. I just need to psych myself out and just GO.

Design shit. It was my bright idea to start making wallpapers or printables – none of which came to life. So that’s definitely rolling over into this month.

My official March goals

Land my first client as a VA (Virtual Assistant). You guys, I never thought I would be interested in becoming a VA, but alas it’s something that landed on my lap and my heart is completely set on it. This will be my way of providing a service for bloggers and creatives to take them to the next level. Proofreading/editing, graphic design, management of social media is a few of the areas I’m gonna tap into.

Giving up alcohol for 40 days. Even though I’m not Catholic, there’s no reason why I can’t give up alcohol. Sarah’s also giving up the booze, so that’s what got me thinking.

Take a TV break. Something’s gotta give. If I don’t stop binge watching shows, I won’t be able to finish reading my books. Simple as that.

Spring clean my room. Now that the season is about to change, it’s time to put away winter clothes. Also, sell or throw away anything I’m not using. Now that Monroe sleeps in my room, I gotta make room for him too.

Create my recommendations page. While I’ve been taking the Affiliate course, it’s calling for me to create a resources page. This can be a helpful list so you guys know what tools I use for my blog, where I like to shop, and anything else you will find useful. So be on the lookout for that.

I figure I’ll stop there because if not I’ll end up rolling over some of these goals next month and I’m not having that. No siree.

What are your goals for March?