Living My Purpose

I love when you find something from your past where it confirms where you are now in the present. It’s like going in a time machine and re-living it all over again to help you put the puzzle pieces together. That happened to me recently. If that’s also happened to you, please comment below and share.

The other day I found an old blog post of mine where I talked about getting my first tarot reading back in January 2017. In the career reading that my friend did for me, she said:

I’m going to become an expert at something and then in turn, sharing that skill with others through communication.

My mind was blown. Wow! This is exactly what I’m finally doing now.

In the last week, I have booked 6 readings and got some pretty stellar and remarkable reviews.

I’m not gonna lie, but when I first did a few of them last week, my ego was bugging me, making me doubt my gift. We are our own worst critic. So when I saw my client’s review, I was so moved I wanted to cry. I didn’t, but I almost did, lol. It just goes to show that we need to listen to our soul, our intuition. The ego can sometimes be your worst enemy. Like, shut up!

Listen to your heart. Listen to your soul and you will get very far in life. The ego is there to protect you and it thinks it’s doing you a favor, but it’s not. You gotta put your ego in check sometimes.

So I’m listening to my heart right now and I feel so much gratitude. I feel thankful to Spirit that everything that happened in my past led me here.

Because of that I am eternally grateful to my twin flame. My love.

If it wasn’t for meeting him, I wouldn’t have learned this path that I was destined to take. I wouldn’t have moved past the pain. Instead, I would have stuffed it away and avoided it, like I did before. He was my catalyst to awaken me to love myself more and to be able to love others unconditionally.

Because of him, I’m living my purpose. It’s no wonder he’s my other half because without him, I was lost. But since finding him, I became whole again on my own. Thank you, babe. I know you’re proud of me.

Everything makes sense now. Would I do it over again? Yes! It made me who I am today.

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