Life Update: Living in San Antonio


Wait, what? I know you’re probably confused. But if you missed my last post where I talked about my move to Austin, that’s still in the works. What I also mentioned is that I’m moving to San Antonio temporarily. I’ll be living in Alamo City for the next 2 weeks until the big move.

I’ve been in San Antonio for almost a week now and it’s still so surreal to me. Since I’m doing Lyft, I’ve been able to get familiar with the area and know the good spots to go to when I want to be a tourist in the city.

What’s happened since Monroe and I arrived

Monroe was such a doll as he mostly slept in his little bed on the drive there. My mom was a little emotional and almost in tears to see me leave. I couldn’t get emotional because I just wanted to finally leave the nest and jet out of Dallas. Mostly, I felt happy and feeling a little crazed out of my mind. She did bless me and that’s something I’ve never seen her do before but much appreciated.

Monroe ready for SA
This was right after he got groomed before we headed out of town.

The drive there was not too bad, only 4 hours. I decided to leave at night to avoid any traffic and it was such a smooth trip. Once I got there, my friend Roman was super excited to see me and gave me a tour of his place and the apartment community. My mom packed me some dinner she made and I gladly devoured it as he gave me the tour. No shame in my game.

Nails I'm rocking
Nails did before our trip.

The next day I wanted to make my breakfast and noticed Roman didn’t have a few ingredients I really needed. So I had to make due with what we had and made a little grocery list. The life of a bachelor is so funny. Guys really are simple and get by with bare necessities. While women like me, need the best of the best. So it’s gonna be interesting to say the least.

Roman has 2 big dogs, they are both lab mix. One afternoon I walked them both plus my dog and it was a complete disaster. Their leashes kept getting tangled and the oldest dog was super strong, she kept pulling me in different directions. I was caught in a dog tornado y’all. Then there was a crowd of people walking behind us until they caught up with us and an elderly man got tangled up with the leashes and ended up falling over. He got up with the help of his friends, but man that was crazy. I just apologized profusely.

Then yesterday we went to get mangonadas and they don’t quite make them like they do here in Alamo City. I mean, take a lookie;


Basically it’s a mango sorbet with all kinds of flavors that will make your taste buds go wild. I requested coconut at the bottom and it was so tasty! The red stuff is chamoy chili syrup with chili powder sprinkled on top. We were able to walk from our apartment to this place where they made these delicious Mexican concoctions; only to get caught up in a downpour of raining cats and dogs. Thankfully, Roman’s neighbor offered to pick us up and all was well.

Also, I met The Marine. GASP! Even though we haven’t spoken in months, I wanted to meet him in person. He was only 20 minutes away so why not? I did surprise him because I wasn’t able to reach him via phone (he changed his number). But even if nothing comes of it, which I don’t believe it will, it felt good to do something as bold as showing up and meeting the guy. He was so nice in person too and gave me a hug, which was sweet. Now that’s checked off my list and it’s all good.


So yeah, it’s been an interesting couple of days and I can’t wait to see what the next two weeks holds for us here. I have relatives who live here I need to visit as well as one of my girlfriends. I love the culture here so far and it’s a nice change for sure. I can’t wait to see how different Austin is gonna be. I hear they are super eco friendly and total health nuts over there. Still excited though. As the mat says, the new adventures begin.