Life Lately: Ready To Work It, Girl

Just like that it is now April! Yesterday was so hot, which is funny how last week we had 40 degree weather and I was not having it. This weather is better though. Anywho, this weekend is my last weekend before I start working at my new job on Monday! I’m beyond excited because even though I’ve been relaxing, sleeping in, watching endless hours of Netflix and movies (hello Marvel movies), taking Monroe on 25 minute walks, meeting with my trainer once a week, I’m just ready to get back to work!

Good news to share also – I lost 10 lbs so far. I also got a massage and I think I’ll join in a few weeks so that I can make monthly massages a thing in my life. The lady I had was great and I felt so relaxed and not tense in my muscles anymore. Game changer. Have y’all ever had massages? I’m new to this sorta thing, but I like it.

I stepped into Amazon Books recently and hauled these 4 books. Saved $25 for being a Prime member so that made it even sweeter. I started reading Daisy Jones & The Six and it’s really easy to read. Will post a book review on it. What are y’all reading? Any recommendations let me know.

My 10K race is this weekend too and I almost forgot to mention it. I’ve been running every week and I’m looking forward to it. Wish me luck! Off to run errands so that I can enjoy my weekend by being fully recharged for my new career adventure.

PS. That lavender candle you see in my pictures smells amazing! I also bought a shitload of plants. That’s a whole ‘nother post though. Stay tuned!

What’s going on in your life lately?