Life Lately: Quarantine Edition

First things first: Happy Juneteenth! We celebrate freedom, but we have a lot of work to do. We are not free until all are free.

So even though Texas has “re-opened”, I’m still in quarantine y’all because I don’t trust this scheme to re-open the economy at the expense of possibly getting this virus & what have you. No, thank you! It’s not like I have to ever leave my place anyway, so it’s fine. What have I been up to? Let’s dive in.

Good news I want to share with you is that my YouTube channel has taken off this past week. I was at 50 something subscribers last weekend and now, on a Friday, I’m at 113! *Throws confetti* Yay!! So many people have commented and shared how my videos are resonating with them & this makes me so happy!

I ordered some patio furniture & I don’t want to post any pictures yet because I’m waiting on one more item to arrive today, but when I get it, I will share. So far I have two lawn chairs, a beautiful hammock, string lights & some flower plants. This will be my new hangout spot when I’m tired of being indoors & in need of fresh air & sunshine.

I did get some succulents too…

My tarot cards kept saying I’m going to receive a gift. My mom mailed me a package & inside it had jewelry & different types of tea! I was so surprised & touched. Her little note made me tear up. I need to go visit her soon.

Here I am wearing the Stella & Dot earrings she got me:

Monroe FINALLY got a haircut. OMG, he was looking homeless! He was on a waitlist for 3 weeks after the groomers reopened. He looks happy & so am I.

My sister came to visit me two weeks ago & it lifted my spirits to see her. She looks so happy & I’m really happy for her. I’m so thankful that she’s grown so much & she’s on her soul’s path to impact the world. Check out her site for massage & reiki healing services: Hands of Light

Some days I dress up because why not? It’s fun, especially when it’s clothes I already have that I forgot about!

They say it’s good to have a cuddle buddy during quarantine. Where is my quaranbae at? Monroe will do.. for now lol

Have a lovely weekend loves! Muah!! Love & Light, xoxo.