Life Lately: Pieces Coming Together {Austin Bound}

They say that when things easily come together it confirms that you’re on the right path. I’ve received that confirmation that I made the right choice by moving to South Texas and it’s come in many ways. For one, I landed my dream job to be an inside sales rep for a social media company! I cannot tell you just how over the moon excited I am and feeling such relief. I start next week so this being my last week in SA it’s a little bittersweet.

Also, the commute is short by only 8 minutes. I can also ride the metro rail train which is only a 5 minute ride. Or I can walk for 20 minutes, either way it’s convenient.

Secondly, living with my roommate has been fun and we get along great. It feels like kismet that our paths crossed and we’ll get to experience Austin together. We’re going to do a vlog of our first 100 days in Austin so stay tuned for that! My VIP subscribers will get an inside look before I post it to the masses so if you’re not subscribed, what are you waiting for? Sign up!

Thinking back last year it seems Austin kept coming up in conversations with people and the last month before I realized what the plan was, it kept coming up even more like word vomit. I also toyed with the idea of moving to Los Angeles, but that option was shut down quicker than an eye blink.

Moving to Austin this weekend

This Friday we’re packing up everything and finally moving. I don’t know why but I’m nervous. San Antonio has made me fall in love that I almost don’t want to move, but I’m sure it will be fine. At least it’s only an hour away if I want to get away for a weekend. I’ve heard nothing but good things about Austin and how much I’m gonna love it so I hope it’s true.

Austin, Texas, USA downtown skyline.

Follow me on Snapchat as we go on this moving journey the next few days. Thankfully, Roman’s family is coming to help us move so it should be quick and painless. I’m excited! Moving week is here and I’m ready to go with the flow.

Have you ever been to Austin? Any recommendations of what places I should go visit? Let me know!