Life Lately: Curing My Cabin Fever + New Hashtag #RevengeBlogger

Can we go ahead and hit the reset button? Last week was a weird week for me since I literally did not leave my house and was a legit hermit. This week though, I’m changing that by getting out of the house. I noticed how gloomy my spirits were and I don’t want to stay that way. Anyone felt like this?

How am I getting out of the house? Starting by doing yoga this morning. After watching Revenge Body where Khloe Kardashian motivates people who come on her show to not only lose weight, but to get to the root of the problem that caused the weight gain; I’m inspired. That part of the show took me by surprise because oftentimes shows just have you lose the weight and send you on your way.

If people don’t find out what caused this, they won’t know how to fix it and instead stay in the vicious cycle. It’s refreshing seeing these people transform their lives from the inside out and stick with a healthier lifestyle.

The timeline they have is 12 weeks to get themselves into their revenge body. I’m thinking that’s also a good timeline for me, which puts me at May 1st (12 weeks from now). On average they’d lose 30 lbs. and that’s feasible. You can call me Revenge Blogger, thank you so much! Anyone want to join? We can even use hashtag #RevengeBlogger for kicks.

They also get the complete Hollywood makeover with hairstylists, dermatologists and fashion stylists picking out their outfit for their major reveal. So at the beginning of an episode you get to see the people, they meet Khloe and share their story, work out or don’t (this one girl got kicked out) and at the end of the episode you see their transformation.

Enough of that though – once I got back from San Antonio, I thought for sure I’d gained 10 lbs, but when I weighed myself I actually lost 4 lbs. I’m sure that’s mostly water weight, but at least I didn’t gain.

The root of my weight gain is using food for comfort instead of nourishment. I was stress eating because I was unhappy at my job, lost my car and apartment (again) shortly after, had to let go of my dog (after he was with me for 9 years) and that would drive anyone insane. Too many changes in a span of 4-5 months.

All of that still made me realize I am stronger than I thought I was.

I finally got my new Macbook Air! It is so light and super fast, I am floored. To think I kept my Macbook Pro for 6 years, it was time to put it to rest and upgrade. One of my favorite features is using Air Play to show my laptop on my Apple TV. I’m a nerd, I know. I wanted 512 GB, but I figured with my external storage drive AND my iCloud storage plan of 200 GB – I can manage. This will actually give me the chance to not transfer over anything I don’t use onto my new laptop.

So I ended up getting 256 GB and I’m a happy Mac girl.

Being how I want to get out of the house, going to Starbucks more frequently this week is in my forecast.

I hardly saw Nestor last week. Granted, he had to work late a few nights, this was a strange week because we didn’t get to spend as much time as we normally do. We did watch Finding Dory on Netflix with his son and that was fun. Super Bowl was fun too, not sure he was happy about the result. I thought it was a great game. Lady Gaga did her thing and she blew everyone’s socks off, myself included.

To change that, we’re going to see each other more often this week and I’m looking forward to it. As a matter of fact, this Friday we’re going to an event he bought tickets for so I will fill you in later.

Have you seen Revenge Body? Will you join me on this weight loss challenge to become a #revengeblogger? What do you do to cure your cabin fever? Let me know in the comments below.