Bella Is In The City

Happy March everyone! It’s crazy to think that New Years was not too long ago and now here’s almost the end of the first quarter of the year. I gotta say though, it has gone by quick but not without its hiccups. I finally moved this past week back to downtown with my BFF Roman. It feels good to be close to everything and not have to drive far to get things done. I’m happy to be living with someone I’ve known for years and is happy that I’m there. Unlike where I was living, it was a stressful and toxic situation. Life is already hard enough, why not spend it with the people who know and care for you.

I had an opportunity to move into another roommate situation with people I found on Facebook, but I decided to wait. I don’t want to keep living with strangers and things not work out like they did recently. I’m going to save up and get out of debt so that I can move into my own place sans roommates. I found a nice place not too far from downtown and it’s pretty affordable. If all goes well, I can move into my new place in May. It’s wild that I haven’t had my own place the past 3 years and I’m ready to make it happen this time.

SxSW is around the corner and even though I’ve never been, I’m excited that I’ll get to work it with Uber/Lyft. I’m pretty happy that I’ve gotten by doing the rideshare thing while I’m looking for a job. I have an interview coming up next week for the job that I really want and that class starts on April 9th.

Sometimes when I’m facing the most obscene and absurd of circumstances, I keep my cool because I know things will work out and that’s my cue to end one chapter and start the next. I could’ve been stressed out this week because I had no idea how I was going to move my bed out of my place and then move it to my new place. I figured it’s best to put my bed in storage near where I was living and then get it later when I move into my own permanent place. Thankfully, my now former roommate helped me move my bed and loaded it into my temporary storage. The storage place even gave me a free month so that really helped.

All in all, I’m being patient that the pieces will fall where they may. I’m mostly thankful that I don’t have to give up Monroe. Or find someone to watch him. It’s a year now that I’ve had him and he’s pretty much my kid.

Ryan is on a hiatus (is the best way I can put it) and will be back next month and I can’t wait. I miss him and it’s been tough being on my own without my better half. Then again, it has shown me that I’m a tough cookie and can overcome anything life throws my way. I’m SO proud of him for working on bettering himself and I’m backing him up 100%. I’m his ride or die as I like to call it, haha.

I go through phases where I want my nails long and then I’m over it after awhile and switch back to a super short length. So I cut them down and now this is what my nails look like…

I have yet to blog about my trip to Alabama and trust me, I will. But for now, I’ve been working my butt off doing ridesharing, interviewing for jobs and trying to take care of myself all while enjoying this amazing city that I now call my second home.

Before I leave you, what TV shows are y’all watching? I recently discovered Riverdale and I’m OBSESSED. I used to read the Archie Comics as a kid and this show is just what I needed in my life. Not gonna lie but watching this young cast makes me feel like I’m an old lady. The people who play their parents were my idols when I was a kid and now they’re playing parents?! Gahhh.

How are y’all handling March so far? Leave me your links in the comments so I can leave you some love.