Life Lately: Becoming a Dog Mom Again

Yesterday I binged watched This Is Us. I only saw 3 episodes last year. I decided it was time to binge and catch up on the latest episodes. So far I love the show. The storyline never gets old. While it jumps back in time to the past and present, it doesn’t miss a beat. I pretty much tear up each episode and that’s saying something. Then again, I’m emotional. I like when characters are passionate and deep. Because of that, all the characters are amazing in their own imperfect way. Make sure to watch it. Thank me later.

The other day my mom found a stray dog, more like a puppy. He’s absolutely sweet and my heart melted the moment I held him. I let him sleep in my room and he now looks for me throughout the house. We took him to the vet to see if he had a microchip and unfortunately he didn’t. I looked online to see if anyone posted lost dog ads and I didn’t find anything. My mom wants to take him to the shelter, but we’re both hesitant that he won’t be claimed. If that happens he will be surrendered to the shelter. So we’re gonna play it by ear for now, see what happens.

I gave him a bath, cleaned up after him (he’s potty trained but has his accidents), fed him, cuddled a million times and played with toys. He even gets along with our other pets in the house. I know I shouldn’t have done this, but I gave him a name – Monroe. You see, I have an obsession with Marilyn Monroe and also this character from the show Grimm, his name is Monroe. We can call him Roe for short.

If you follow me on Snapchat, I’m sure you saw a pic of him. He’s white with golden brown spots. I think he’s a Shihtzu/Poodle mix. His nose is light brown just like my late dog Sebastian’s nose used to be. It’s weird looking after a dog again, but I love it. It’s made me really happy the last 24 hours. I hope whatever happens, it will be worthwhile. Though it breaks my heart a little when I hear him whimper. He must miss his home.

Anyone see A Dog’s Purpose? We saw it on Valentine’s Day and somehow I sense this dog must be reincarnated from my Sebastian. Call me crazy, but there are so many similarities, it’s bizarre. For instance, on our way to the vet, he would tuck in his face under my arm and my Sebastian used to do that all the time!

If anyone has been in a situation like this, please share any advice in the comments below. I’m in a pickle here.

lyft driver

I have great news! I’m gonna be a Lyft driver. It’s like Uber, but better. After looking up reviews, Lyft seemed like the best fit. I’m excited to start today so wish me luck. To get $50 credit, use my referral link – Bella329. Download the Lyft app if you haven’t already.

I was taking bestie applications, but maybe this is my hail mary. Dogs are a girl’s best friend right?

What’s going on with you guys?