Life Lately: August

Feels so strange blogging today because I haven’t done it consistently like in the past. This month of August though, things are going to be different. So much so that this weekend I did my entire laundry (just need to put it away), gave Monroe a bath, and cleaned and organized my whole entire apartment! Yay me!

Sometimes you have to make a drastic change to your home and for me it was making it a haven where I come home and the dishes are all put away, the bed is clean with fresh sheets and I can finally take a dip in my bath. I did this for me and not because someone was coming over. That’s usually the reason I clean like a madwoman. This time it was for my own sanity.

Yesterday I started my 30 day plant based diet and I am really excited about it. I feel that I should try the vegetarian route for a bit to see how well my body responds. I can’t go vegan though because I love eggs and dairy too much. If I do well enough, I may go past a month. I just need to shop for some good veggies so that it will allow me to get creative in the kitchen. Last night I just had mashed potatoes with green beans. Nothing earth shattering.

I want to make this pancake recipe soon though: How To Make a Dutch Baby Pancake

As far as the job hunt, I hadn’t addressed this because I thought I would have landed a job by now but I quit my job at Wyndham at the end of May. It wasn’t what I was promised and so it wasn’t a fit and that’s totally fine. The only thing is that it set me back another 2 months and here we are. I have some final jobs that are in the works so God willing, I will land a job this month. Except this time I’m more focused on a career.

Some of my plants died, mainly the succulents. I don’t know if they were shocked that I re-potted them (won’t make that same mistake), or maybe I didn’t give ’em enough water. One died next to another one that’s still thriving. So I don’t know if the one that’s thriving stole all the water from the other lol. But I want to get more plants soon. Maybe I’ll wait until next month for some fall colored ones. One of the plants an old friend gave me is still thriving and growing a lot. I’m surprised 🙂

My podcast is now also about sex. Well, more like about Sex And The City! I recorded two episodes so far and I was supposed to record one yesterday but with my cleaning agenda, I simply couldn’t squeeze in the time. I will record one this week though. If you watch the episodes with me, even better because it’s like a recap, even though the show is no longer on the air. I love to talk about it and I bring up some topics about my own dating life so it’s listen worthy. Hope y’all join me. Last episode was about how married men are still pigs because they hit on women or sleep with them, which is sadly still true.

I want to start the conversation about sex because not a lot of people talk about it, yet they love to listen to it. There’s also some really good sex podcasts out there. One of the ones that inspired me was The Skinny Confidential’s How To Keep Your Sex Life Alive.

Making a conscious decision to read more books this month is my personal goal. I have a bad habit of checking books out from the library and never finish reading the books because I watch way too much television. Like now I’m watching RHOBH and the struggle is real! The book I’m reading now is called The Power. One of my fellow bloggers recommended it so my library had it and it’s in my power now to start and finish this book!

Anywho, this week I have a good feeling that things will fall into place. The spiritual guides say that your life won’t be the same in August! I’m claiming that right now.

What have y’all been up to? Fill me in!