Life Lately: New Jeep and Trip to Columbus

Hey lovelies! Are you still there? I know I unintentionally disappeared from my blog, but I’m happy that I’m back in full swing.

So many things happened I felt it’s best to put it all in one big post.

My car got hit twice and the last time, it was totaled. While it was parked, yeah. So I got a new car and it’s a Jeep! Of course, it’s a manual transmission because that’s my preference and it’s so fun to drive. It didn’t come with a spare (shocking right?) so I bought one off Amazon which I’m picking up from my mom’s this weekend.

Here it is! It’s totally me and even one lady said it suits me. I still have the digital odometer, which I got used to that from my last car. Still getting used to the gas pump being on the opposite side, but I’ll manage.

I went to Dallas briefly and on my way back, I stopped by a Bucee’s, which I’ve never been. While I was there I got this necklace with the Texas shape on it and decided to use it as my Jeep’s decoration.

This is the mother of all convenience store gas stations in one roof. I thought it was like a Walmart for a second. They have all kinds of snacks (even unhealthy ones), souvenirs, cups, shirts, hats, tons of BBQ, drinks and slushies etc. It was a nice break from being on the road.

My job gave me a gift card and I used it to get my nails done right before flying out to Columbus Ohio for new hire training. I was only going to be there for 6 days, but by day 3 I was ready to come home. I met people from Europe, Singapore, China, California, DC, and even our Austin office.

We went to this area close to Downtown Columbus called German Town and this was a cute little neighborhood that had lots of cherry blossom trees, cobblestone streets and red brick houses throughout. It was very quiet and hardly anyone was outside, which is the total opposite of Austin.

Once we ate at this German restaurant called Schmidt’s, I ordered the cheesecake cream puff and OMG, it did not disappoint. I mean look at that thing!

I gave into the crystal craze. I admit, I bought one too many tumble stones/crystals, but look how pretty they are! The first two weeks, I was googling everything about them and what each of them stand for and it’s really neat. I even noticed one of them really working for me (Amethyst), because as I held it while I was angry at a certain someone, I started to feel calmer and I wasn’t angry anymore. I’ll do a blog post about them soon so stay tuned.

Selfie I took in Ohio because they had NO humidity, best hair day I haven’t had in a LOOOOONG time.

Watched The Royal Wedding more than once. The last time I saw it, it was post breakup and so I teared up a few times than when I originally saw it. Funny how heartbreak makes you an emotional wreck. Meghan and I are close in age so I’m hoping I’ll find my prince soon.

Moving in two weeks to my own apartment and I’m freaking out. Mainly because this will be my first time since I moved to Austin almost a year ago (a year in July) that I’ll be on my own sans roommates. I got approved and moving in mid June. It’s only 7 min from work and it even has a fireplace. So blessed.

Obsessed with Janine. Her album “99” drops today and I am going to have it on repeat, religiously. Singing to her music has given me my singing mojo back. I haven’t felt impacted by an artist since Christina and it’s a nice feeling. My anthem from her is “Don’t Love Me”, which I listen to every day without fail. The acoustic version is amazing.

Here’s to hoping that this was just my perfect storm and now the rainbow is surfacing because better days are ahead. Life as a single girl is going to be interesting, especially this summer.

What is going on in your life?