Let’s #BackThatAssUp {Link Up} + Hear Me on Anchor!

It’s finally Friyay! I felt like this week really kicked my ass. But as of yesterday, my week started to get a little better. I have so much going on this weekend, I will have a hefty amount of posts coming at you next week! This week was so rough for me starting off though, that I contemplated on taking a social media break. That’s how bad it was and if you know me, you know I’m obsessed with being on social media so this was big.

Life has a crazy way of showing you the bad and then the good, all at the same time {sometimes}. I just kept telling myself that this bad feeling will pass and it did after 24 hours, though it felt like a lifetime.

Anyways, I don’t know if y’all remember when Whitney (former blogger) used to do the music linkup BackThatAzzUp? I thought to myself why don’t we bring that fun linkup back into our blogger lives?! Like, hello? Fun Friday linkup? Let’s just do it, let’s back that ass up because the weekend is here. And we love music.

To help me spread the word that the linkup is back, be sure to tweet (below) or FB to your friends and family. We’re doing the linkup every Friday. TGIF! Let's jam to some music w/a linkup #BackThatAssUp. Add your blogs & tweet her @bellaandthecity so she can RT you! 😎🎵 Click To Tweet

I created a playlist on Spotify just so it makes it easier to listen. So please follow it and comment below on any tracks you think I should add. The tracks below are mostly upbeat, with the exception of a few that are slow songs but so worth listening to. Enjoy!

Of course, add your favorite Friday track (or playlist) to your blog then be sure to link your blog below so we can listen along!

Let’s talk about the latest & ah-mazing app Anchor

My friend Saha from FengSlay told me about this app, Anchor. It lets you record your own audio (radio station), you can add music (from Spotify or Apple Music), take call ins (people calling into your station!) and feel the amazing support of fellow Anchor peeps. The recordings last 24 hours and they go away, kind of like Snapchat. You can automatically save them at midnight (just set it up in your settings), so you can always reuse anything you archived.

I recorded my first wave (that’s what they call it when you record a segment) yesterday & already I had 4 people call in welcoming me, introducing themselves and how they dig my station. You can also add little sound clips in between each wave you record so it seriously feels like a podcast, but more interactive!

I’ve always wanted to record a podcast, but I didn’t have the audio stuff setup to get that going. This app is so great because you can easily do your own radio show right from your phone. I use my headphones to help me sound clearer. No hassles with audio equipment. Win win.


Here’s a screenshot so you can see for yourself. What I also like is that you can tap the hands when you want to applaud at something you like. It’s the equivalent of tapping hearts on Periscope, but better because it has the clapping sound attached. Love it!

Honestly, I think radio is steering in this direction and this is the future as we know it. If you’re a blogger, creative, musician, comedian, astrologer, whatever, this app is for you! If you join, be sure to add me!

I leave you with my intro clip which is going to expire around noon today. Happy weekend! xoxo