Last 90 Days: Week One Update

I quit. JK. On the contrary, I am still going and won’t stop. Can’t stop, won’t stop.

I have failed at getting 8 hours of sleep. Last week on average, I got 6 hours of sleep. That is not okay and I need to get it together. Tonight I am going to bed on time and getting up the next morning on time. Not going to hit the snooze button because as Rachel Hollis’ says, that’s breaking a promise to yourself first thing in the morning.

I have not been very consistent at drinking water (in the amount of half my body weight). I wish I could be like Dave Hollis and drink it all by 3pm, but it’s been interesting trying to keep track of it on the water reminder app. This area definitely needs improvement.

I walked, did at home workouts and ran last week with the exception of Friday. I went to happy hour after work with some new coworkers and though I only had 2 drinks (since I haven’t drank since July), I was a lightweight. I got home and fell asleep around 8, woke up at 11pm with a massive headache. It was like I was hungover. Never again! Gonna stick to not drinking anymore.

Reading one book a week has been a little rough for me because I’m juggling two books and I get distracted and want to do something else. Hopefully this week I’ll finish reading Caraval because it’s due on Friday.

I have been keeping up with my grateful list and it’s been fun thinking back on how well my day went. Just making that conscious effort to only see the positive, even through the negative. Like today, I’m thankful I’m registered to vote because best believe I will rock that vote!

Rachel Hollis is coming out with some Start Today journals on Friday and I want to get my hands on one! I’m eyeing the Tortoise cover. Have you seen them? If not, definitely go to her Insta and check it out – @msrachelhollis.

In case you missed the initial post where I talk further about the Last 90 Days challenge, go HERE. I figured I’ll do a blog post update when I deem it necessary or if I have a breakthrough of some sort, then I’ll share it here.

So yeah even though I am failing in pretty much all the 5 to thrive challenges, it’s called a challenge for a reason. I’m sure that as the days and weeks go on, I will build those habits and I will have smashed each one of these goals like Hulk Hogan or something. If you’re also doing the Last 90 Days, how’s it going?

PS. Thank you guys so much for reaching out to me and leaving me your supportive comments on my last post. It truly means a lot to me and I’m thankful that people are starting to come around and believing women.