It’s Scorpio Season: Happy Halloween & Blue Moon.

Yay! It’s finally Scorpio season and I am beyond ecstatic!! In case you can’t tell. It’s also Halloween and we have a Blue Moon which doesn’t happen very often. It’s time we release things that no longer serve us or are in alignment with our path.

I’m letting go of a few things and some things came to my attention that caught me off guard.

Usually when I’m done with an ex, I am done. But every now and then I’ll look them up to see how they’re doing. Last night I looked up my ex. I noticed he’s dating this girl who, when we were together, I felt it in my gut that he had feelings for her and she with him. To see that confirmation, made me feel secure that my intuition is never wrong.

Then another feeling surfaced that I didn’t expect. Hurt.

Something happened when we were together that involved this girl and I felt so disrespected, so disregarded and he didn’t see at all why I rightfully felt this way. When I saw their picture together, that wound reopened. It hurt me all over again because I was right in how I was feeling.

I always know when someone has feelings for someone because I feel it in their energy. How is that possible? I’m an empath.

I was confused why this wound reopened and I cried to let it out. Deep down I am happy for him, but that was a wound that I needed to heal. I’m glad that it came up because it showed me that wound needed some more resolution in order to finally close up for good.

So all that to say is that your intuition knows things deep down, without fail. Eventually the truth always comes out and you need to be prepared. Because when you’re triggered, it will show you where you need healing, when you thought you were over something.

Everyone is being affected by this Blue Moon, Full Moon in Taurus. I thought I was getting by scot-free and then this happened.

As a result, I’m making a conscious choice to let go of the past and the people from my past: exes, old flings, you name it. They got me where I am today and for that I’ll always be grateful.

The other lesson I learned is not to go digging for information. I need to honor that like no tomorrow. Stop being a little detective because what I find, I may be surprised and not in a good way.

If people are no longer in my life, I’ll leave them there. I had to do that with some family, friends, and old lovers. It’s not my first rodeo. It’s liberating actually.

I am opening myself up to new experiences, new lessons, new people. I deserve that.

Hope ya’ll have a Happy Halloween, whatever that looks like. It’s so weird I’m not dressing up this year. 2020 really has made us see things more clearly.

What do you need to let go of?