It’s My Birthday!

Happy birthday to me! My birthday is here at last and I have had the best birthday so far. To think that last year I made the best of it through some tough circumstances, I’m blessed that this year was different in a good way.

This is my second birthday in Austin and I feel like each year will get better. It’s hard living in a new city where you don’t have family or know that many people. It’s going to take some time to establish a life with people that will make Austin feel like home.

I remember when I first moved to Texas with my family, we didn’t know that many people or had any family members here at all. We were the pathfinders sorta speak. A year later my cousins’ family moved near us from California, then my mom’s cousins’ family moved from Arizona to Texas. It amazed me that because we set our roots here, our family followed.

That’s what I’m trying to do here in Austin. Set my roots here and I’m sure that my family will eventually make the move here. If not, I’m sure I will build a circle of friends that will become like family.

Here is my mom, she’s so beautiful, still is. She is holding me and you can see her joy.

My birthday plan for tonight is to have dinner with a friend who is a fellow blogger. Earlier today I slept in, which was much needed after yesterday’s outing with my friend. I actually got to go vote and it felt good to do such an important thing as a citizen. I got to pick up my free birthday cake from Nothing Bundt Cake in red velvet. At work, my boss got me a happy birthday balloon. So sweet.

Still can’t believe I’m 36. It sounds old, but I feel young. I still get carded everywhere I go so that’s a good thing. People are always shocked when I tell them I’m in my thirties because they think I’m in my mid twenties so I’ll take it.

Thank y’all so much for wishing me a happy birthday. I am so blessed and so happy where I’m at.