It’s Gonna Be May… err Bella Gitana Tarot

Sometimes the Universe gives you clues that in a particular moment or experience, you don’t receive the message when you need it. So be patient and keep living your life because you trust that one day the epiphany will come. That is when divine timing strikes & it hits you like a lightning bolt!

That epiphany was of what I want to name my tarot reading YouTube channel: Bella Gitana Tarot.

It came about when I got my first sale for my tarot reading from my bestie & he gave me a clue when he sent me the payment. I laughed at what he wrote, “Gitana Card Reading” & that’s when it HIT me. The brand name I’ve been wanting to create – Bella Gitana Tarot!

I was thinking of taking a new photo, when I remembered that for Halloween 3 years ago I dressed up as a gypsy and I took this selfie. So I couldn’t pass up the chance to use this picture. I edited the background and here it is!

In a matter of a week and a half, my subscribers have DOUBLED and my latest video I uploaded last Friday got 330 views! Wow!

This weekend I worked on doing a tarot reading for all the astrology signs for the month of MAY, so definitely be sure to check it out! If you like it, give it a thumbs up and subscribe!!

Click on the picture to go to my channel.

I also started doing Card of the Day on my Instagram. This was yesterday’s card that completely BLEW me away.

Then after recording my video, I took a selfie that perfectly depicts the happiness I feel when creating content that I completely align with. That’s my tripod in front of me in case you’re wondering lol.

So yeah this week is going to be a bit different for me since I need to take my laptop to get a new battery. Womp womp.

Then I have two job interviews lined up so I’m so excited to be doing sales again! I can’t even tell you. I just feel so much happiness, it’s contagious lol.

Hope y’all have a fabulous week and fabulous month of May!! Love & Light!

PS. Also, doing FREE readings if you’d like me to do a personal reading or twin flame reading. Comment below if you’re interested and leave your email address.