How To Be Unstoppable in Twin Flame Separation

This is one of my first posts on my new blog and what I’m going to share, some of you may not resonate with it and that’s okay. This post is for those of you who are on the twin flame journey. My fellow twinnies! Just wanted to share how to deal with twin flame separation because it’s a hard journey and I don’t have it all figured out, but I want to enlighten you with what works for me in hopes that it works for you too.

These are not in any particular order, so take some of these tips to guide you along your path to an unstoppable, more confident you.

Find Your Soul Tribe

If I hadn’t met my fellow twins who are in my life, I’d be lost. These women are remarkable, so strong, inspiring and very supportive. Some of them have been on the journey for a few years, some are in union with their twin, everyone’s journey is different. The thing that’s the same is that they get the twin flame journey. When I’ve tried talking to family or friends who aren’t, they don’t get it. Their minds can’t comprehend it because it’s not logical. It’s a spiritual journey. Only those who have walked that path, get you.

My twinnies help me vent, we lean on each other, share the synchronicities, which is really incredible because you see the similarities in your own journey. It feels good not to feel alone because this journey can be very isolating.

Journaling & Music

Writing is so therapeutic. It feels good to write down what I feel and see it on paper. Sometimes during a Full Moon, I jot down what I want to release and manifest then burn the paper. Write a gratitude list. This always helps me to be thankful for everything, big or small.

Music is my life. Sometimes songs come on I’ve never heard before and they resonate with my journey, it’s creepy. Matter fact, one song I just heard when I started writing this post is, “Happiest Year” by Jaymes Young. I feel like my twin sent that to me. Listen to music because Spirit will send you messages from Spirit or your twin’s higher self. Singing also helps too. Who cares if you don’t have the best voice. It makes you feel better.

Ask For a Sign

Asking for a sign is a good way to confirm to yourself what you know intuitively. One time I asked for 3 in one day. Went to the store and I saw three products with my twin’s name on them. His higher self wanted me to know he heard me and that he loves me.

Sometimes, I don’t ask for a sign and it shows up out of nowhere. It’s nice to know that I don’t have to ask, the Universe wants me to know that our connection is still protected.

Watch & Get Tarot Readings

Watching tarot readings is how I was able to make sense of what happened. I was so confused because I always get what I want. Why couldn’t I get what I wanted? Tarot answered my questions and gave me peace. If you need guidance, tarot is a good way to see what’s going on. Book a reading with me so I can help you (shameless plug). Comment below if you’d like to know which tarot readers I think you should start with (besides me).

Self Love

Before this journey, I thought I loved myself enough. I learned that I didn’t and my person helped me see that. I needed to have strong boundaries, take better care of myself – mind, body, soul. I had to remove toxic people out of my life that only cared for themselves and tried putting me down.

I found my confidence again and it feels amazing. My self worth is not outside of me, it’s within. I don’t need validation from others or care more what people think before I care about what I think. It’s so liberating when you love yourself and tell the world to accept your truth because that’s good enough for you! I do what I want to do without any qualms of how people will react or judge. At the end of the day, it’s my life, not theirs.

Say affirmations:

I am worthy. I deserve love. I am love.

Love Unconditionally

With this journey, you can’t help but really see the bigger picture. You learn that it’s not about you the way people behave or say things to you. You quickly learn not to take things personal. You are at a higher vibration than they are so you understand why they do what they do. I even have love for the girls I know were entangled with my twin, even when they tried to come at me. That’s how you know you’ve evolved. If I were low vibe like them, they’d wish they’d never cross me because my darkness can be pretty scary.

Honestly, when you know your twin has this amazing love for you, nothing can faze you. People attack because they’re upset they don’t have that love in their life and they’re jealous. It stems from them not loving themselves. I love myself enough not to partake in the drama. It’s like arguing with a drunk person.

Write a Letter to Your Twin

Yes, write them a letter, but don’t send it! LOL. This is just to help you release your feelings especially if they’re heavy. Sometimes burning it really helps too.

Cry It Out

Cry if you have to. I know that’s weird because this is supposed to be positive, but cry. Crying is how you help yourself to heal. Crying also releases toxins in your body and that’s why you feel better afterwards. It’s a stress reliever too. When you don’t release the pain you’re feeling with crying, the pain stays inside your body and then it affects parts of your body. To remain healthy, it’s healthy to cry. Do it where you feel safe, but allow yourself to feel the pain. If you don’t feel the pain, it will get worse.

Feel the pain, process it and heal it.

You’re Never Apart

You and your twin are never apart. You are together spiritually. You can feel them within you and it’s a beautiful feeling. You can even feel their emotions and what they’re thinking. I will say this and this is a little embarrassing to admit. I can feel when he’s feeling me sexually. It’s pretty amazing. Meditate so that you can speak to them telepathically. Even in dreams you guys are connecting and having conversations. Be sure to write down your dreams upon awakening because there’s messages there.

Before You Go

That’s how you too can be unstoppable. Use this journey to fuel you, use your divine counterpart as your muse to make your dreams come true. Your person helped you love yourself and the world. That is a gift in and of itself. You can do anything because of this love. Make it count for something. It is a blessing from the divine. Your love is infinite. It goes beyond this life and the next life and the next. Not everyone gets to meet their other half. You were lucky enough to be able to do that and that is a miracle!

That’s pretty much all I can think of you guys. There’s more tips, but I think this is a good place to start. I may make a part two. Let me know what you think in the comments below. If you’re on the TF journey, how have you managed? Share your tips too!

Love & light! xoxo