How Positive Thinking Can Turn Things Around

This time last year I started a job that I really didn’t want. I felt that I needed to take it because I had bills to pay and I felt like I didn’t have time on my side to be picky. This time around though, I had time on my side. I was able to still pay my bills, went shopping a little too much at Target and even got a personal trainer. So for me, it feels like I’m on nice staycation. I noticed how I’ve been in a negative space for a long time and I realized it was affecting me, even physically. That’s when I made the conscious effort to strive to think positive and just let shit go. Being a Scorpio is hard because we tend to hold onto things and that’s not doing me any favors. Today I want to share how positive thinking turned things around, for the better.

This week went a lot smoother than I expected. Good vibes were all around me and I felt some good energy. I started taking pictures (as the usual blogger that I am) while at an interview and something caught my eye.

You see those 3 mugs? The Adventure Begins.

When I first shared on my blog that I was moving to Austin, I used a stock photo of a girl holding that exact same mug! If that’s not a sign from the universe, or God, I don’t know what is! The fact that there’s 3 of them is telling. I could consider that my third job here in Austin that’s finally the charm.

That’s exactly what it is. I accepted a position today to be a Marketing Brand Ambassador for Wyndham. That’s HUGE. I am still in disbelief that this even happened. This job is right up my alley and it just exudes my everything. Talking about vacations with people, giving gifts, going to events and not sitting in an office every day is truly a blessing!

What really struck me was how lovely my interviewer was. She just had this air about her that made me feel welcomed. I can’t tell you how many interviews I’ve gone to and the air feels stale and I felt worse than when I came in. But I made a decision after this weekend that I was going to have nothing but positive thoughts and positive energy and look what happened.

I also feel like a different person with my new hair. I went back and got another lighter session on it last week and it looks amazing. I really liked how it came out and I think it’s fitting with the Spring weather. Plus I feel like I look a lot younger too. My trainer thought I was 22 or 24 years old, haha! Love it.

This was the view from the top of the Wyndham resort. I can see the State Capitol from here. I just fell in love even more with Austin and I’m so happy that this is my new home.

Moral of the story? Think positive and let go of any and all negative energy. This way good things and positivity can shower you at full force. Also, sage your space because spring cleaning shouldn’t just be about decluttering. You need to declutter spiritually too.

How’s March treating you? Any positive news in your world, share them in the comments below so we can celebrate!