How Laura Became Bella

One of the questions I always get asked is how did you go from Laura to Bella? Where did Bella come from? So I felt today I would share with y’all just how Laura (my birth name) became Bella.

I never had a nickname growing up. Laura is my legal birth name and although I like my name, I never felt like I connected with it. Sure I would respond if someone calls out my name, but I never felt like it was a name for me. I actually prefer my middle name, which is Melanie but the only people who call me that is my family. So even though I could go by my middle name, it just felt awkward to me because Laura was always at the forefront so I didn’t feel right going by Melanie.

When social media came around, I created my Twitter account under the name bellasoul. I still have it, even though I don’t use it. Matter fact, I just logged in after I hadn’t in who knows how long and I had a bunch of mentions. Oops! Anyway, so coincidentally with Instagram, I also created my username bellasoul. When I first became single, I lost a ton of weight. 20 lbs to be exact and I was so much more confident and would take lots of selfies.

My followers were so sweet and would often call me Bella. Saying something along the lines of, “you really are Bella”. One day I changed my Facebook name to Bella just to play around and when I went out with my friends, they introduced me to other people as Bella. I shook my head and laughing inside that my actual name is Laura, but then I didn’t say anything and I said to myself, “Well why not?”.

That right there is how Bella came about. I don’t recall what date it was but I’d like to think it was right before I turned 30 that I started going by Bella. So far I love my new nickname and I feel so comfortable with it, I don’t even know why this happened but I think it’s sweet how my name came about.

Eventually I want to change it legally, but for now, it’s just a nickname. It actually costs around $1,000 to change it because of the legal stuff, changing driver’s license, passports, etc.

My family still calls me Laura, especially my mom and I understand. After all, she’s the one who named me. She actually named me after her grandma who’s name was Laura, but she actually went by Lydia her whole life. It wasn’t until she died that everyone found out her real name was Laura and they were all astounded. I told my mom, “I’m just like great grandma because even she didn’t even care for her name so she let everyone call her Lydia.” Isn’t that crazy though?

You could seriously go by a different name than you were given and there’s nothing wrong with that. I say whatever makes you happy and whatever you feel you connect with then so be it. It’s your life and your choice on how you want to live it. I love my newfound nickname and how it gradually made its way to me and I’m so thankful.

It’s amazing how when I tell people my name, their face lights up and they say, “Oh what a beautiful name!”. I didn’t quite get that reaction with my birth name because it’s so common, I guess. I’m reading a book right now and one of the character’s name is Ella. Her love interest calls her Ella Bella, how funny is that. I guess with time, Bella is becoming more popular especially when Twilight came out but I’m glad that my name came about a whole lot differently.

I never thought I would ever have a nickname and now that I do, I find that my friends give me nicknames for my nickname. I’ve been called Bells, Bellita, Bella Bella, Bella Reese, B, you name it.

So I hope this showed you guys a little bit about me and how I became Bella. It’s not going anywhere anytime soon, I think it’s here to stay, yay!

What about you guys, what are your nicknames and how did they come about?