Hello Pumpkins, It’s Friday

Today is my last day of being 35.

I’ve never been one of those people who dreads their birthdays because they’re getting old. My whole perspective is, I made it another year and I am blessed to see another day, another birthday.

To be perfectly honest, I feel like I get better with age. I am wiser, stronger, experienced, gifted, resilient, and most of all full of joy. Always striving to challenge myself, keep stepping outside my comfort zone so that I can gain personal growth. And yeah my eyebrow game has definitely improved throughout the years; practice really does make perfect.

Tomorrow is my birthday and I’m so excited. I’m excited for the lessons that await that will mold me into who I need to become. Looking forward to keep on my fitness journey because I broke my own promises so many times and now, it’s time to be intentional.

Just the other day, I ran faster and longer than when I first started running earlier this month and I hadn’t ran in 10 days or so. Completely mind-blown. Today I ran a lot further, too much further if you must know and I felt like I was going to collapse.

My goal was to run 3 miles, which is too much too soon. I should have just worked up to 2.5 miles, but at 2.6 miles I headed back home. Still proud of myself for pushing the envelope and having the desire to get to that goal. As I said, practice makes perfect so by next week I should hit 3 miles like a piece of cake.

Speaking of cake, I hope I get one today. Red velvet. Flowers wouldn’t be too bad either. Don’t get me started on cute birthday balloons because those are Instagram worthy. Starbucks already has their birthday treat waiting for me, so is Baskin Robbins. They know the way to my heart. Coffee + ice cream.

I finally got my Start Today journal!

So that’s a wrap pumpkins! Have a fabulous weekend!